Why Flipping a Coin Is a Good Way to Decide

    We are coming out with a lot of developments, technological updates and many more advancements in our daily life. Our life witnesses’ better and the best things which we need to be really thankful about. Whenever we feel that life gives us the best thing we really feel elite and also happy about all that we are coming across in our day to day routine. At the same place if the situation turns negative we start the blame game or we try to give negative feedback about whatever we try to face in our lives. This is the common notion which prevails in the minds of human beings and nowadays it’s getting even worse. We tend to be sometimes very superficial and whatever we try to achieve or we feel completely negative about our doings. We have to overcome situations and make our minds very clear that life is a harmonious blend of good and bad, negative and positive and many other things. We cannot be very specific in whatever life gives to us but we can make it very happy according to our own nature and understanding. We feel that life needs to be happy but we forget to know that we are the ones to make them happy.

    When can happiness be rejected?

    This question seems to be paradoxical because you might think how happiness can be rejected. We are really self oriented because we want us, our family, people and our circle to be happy and content. In this line we forget what others need and what kind of expectations the others have. This is why the statement says happiness can be rejected. Again it seems to be a confusing one because happiness is one thing that we enjoy or experience when it is really satisfying us. What if it is against happiness? We might expect one thing and if expectation does not happen on its way we feel that we are not happy and that’s how happiness gets rejected. So here comes the expectation as a determinant variable for happiness. We toss a coin if there is any confusion or chaos in decision making. Coin toss is one of the immediate reactions in those days to decide what to be taken and what kind of decision to be adopted.

    Practicing the adoption is one more factor that we have to learn through coin toss. Whenever we flip a coin we have to be really very clear that either heads or tails will definitely take place and it is all how we have to decide and understand. Beyond this coin toss we should know that decisions are kept on heads or tails. We think that when we probably toss a coin we want the exact result that we expect. Our expectation goes higher and imagination is a way beyond our expectation and all this combination will definitely give you either the acceptance or rejection. If it happens as per your expectancy, obviously you can make your life happy. Imagine if it does not happen on your way then we immediately get our happiness rejected. This is why we made the statement that happiness can be rejected.

    Why flip a coin?

    Toss flipping sometimes can be played as a game or for entertainment. We think only these two factors are prominent but we forget that it can also be tossed for decision making. We sometimes make good decisions and we sometimes make negative decisions. Before making a decision we need to analyze the pros and cons of it. Only when we are able to track the difference between these two we can definitely make our own estimation of happiness. Before toss flipping we need to make sure only one thing that we are very clear in both the results and whatever the result that we get through heads or tails we are going to react accordingly. If this kind of clear set of understanding is made before sleeping a coin then most of the problems get avoided and the happiness cannot be rejected.

    Get your stand

    When you have come to a point of deciding your decision through coin flipping then you are on the right stand of making your own decisions. Smart decisions lie on our hands as well as on the analytical patterns. Whatever decisions we make should not harm others at the same time should not be self conflicting. Since you have got a negative answer in a coin toss not necessary that you have to follow and listen until and otherwise you are strong to face the challenge. Make sure the challenging situation is really helping you to understand the reality in a better way and also create a challenging spirit in your mind and body. Coin flip seems to be only like a game but when people take this as very serious then it is beyond the game techniques.

    Be practical

    If you feel that you have to really be practical in nature then you can make chart and analytical results. But it is not so serious and it is just a game kind of activity. Coin flipping can help you better. But be clear in only one thing that whatever concrete decision that you make you can have coin toss as one of the important structures or the aspects which can give you a better feel and better decisions. Nowadays we have a lot of technology, websites and other kinds of online actions to make use of this coin toss method to make a right decision. Online definitely can give you better and best solutions so that you will be able to successfully make your clear footprints by making important decisions.

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