Why are Pillow Boxes the number one choice for hair extension packaging?

    Hair extensions are used to either make hair look healthy, fuller, or longer. The demand for hair extensions is increasing and so is the demand for unique styles for hair extension packaging. A unique box separates the brand from the rest in the same niche. Attractive boxes highlight the brand among competitors and urge the customers to make a purchase. We see packaging boxes for almost every product. These boxes are usually rectangular or square. The pillow box looks unique due to its pillow-shaped look which is admired by everyone. Two curved sides and two parallel sides give pillow like shape to the box. The flaps allow easy opening and closing of the box. Pillow boxes make hair extension looks irresistible due to their distinctive structure. When pillow boxes are customized for brand they appeal to the customers and make their eyes sparkle with the desire to grab the box.

    hair extension boxes

    Why pillow boxes for hair extensions:

    Just like any other business, hair extension brands also strive hard for customers. Pillow boxes are one of the best ways to engage customers and grab their attention. Pillow boxes are a retailer’s favorite as they make their store look beautiful. Retailers usually give pillow boxes front row to decorate their shelves. This gives your product visibility in the market and your sales exceed beyond your expectation level. Personalize your hair extension pillow box to increase your brand popularity.

    Protective and cost effective: 

    Pillow boxes are highly customized in any shape, size, and design. These boxes can be made in captivating styles. The material can be used according to product nature. Hair extensions are quite fragile and a slight mishandling can ruin them. Pillow boxes serve as a lifesaver for delicate hair extension. Pillow boxes prevent damage to hair extension in transit and on retail shelves. Presentation and protection of products go hand in hand. Because no matter how good looking your product’s appearance is, if your packaging is not capable of keeping product well protected the packaging is of no use and will frustrate the customer. Pillow boxes provide ultimate safety to your hair extension boxes without breaking your bank. These boxes are cheapest than any other packaging available in the market. You can even make them from eco-friendly and recyclable material to decrease your per unit cost and also impress your customers.

    Brings recognition to brand: 

    Marketing plays a vital role in making a brand successful. Brands spend a hefty amount to advertise their products. You can advertise effectively your hair extension without spending a single extra penny.


    Pillow boxes give an impeccable presentation to products and by printing bold and unique logos on top of the box you can make your brand memorable by customers. Logos on pillow boxes help customers to recognize your brand among hundreds of others on the same shelf. Pillow boxes with logos and other relevant information work as a brand representative in a retail store which makes customers believe in the brand’s vision and product quality. Pillow boxes connect you to your customers and enhance the trust.

    Let’s recap!

    • Customized pillow boxes immediately grab attention. Add a window to make customer die for your product 

    Innovative pillow 

    • boxes boost your sales 
    • These boxes create a positive image of the brand.
    • Pillow boxes can be made with any material that offers an array of choices for customization. 
    • Pillow boxes with handles have packaging and carrying of hair extensions easy.

    So to conclude we can say pillow boxes are the other name of revolutionary boxes which are every hair extension manufacturer’s dream packaging.

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