Why are all major tech companies open-sourcing major parts of their AI technology?

    Most of the major companies operating worldwide have access to critical parts for AI technology. However, nowadays, the open-sourcing of these majors is very much evident. The latest AI technology is the subject matter of extensive research for years. Also, the majority of machine learning companies are making rapid use of this advanced technology to create developments in the world of software. It is more evident from their high-class innovativeness and security protocols. The use of the latest AI technology is now not restricted to artificial intelligence companies only. However, they are now showing keen interest in open source AI for availing of more opportunities in developing new software. This blog deals with the different reasons for which all these machine learning companies are becoming engaged in open sourcing.

    Reasons for Open Sourcing of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence or AI marks the beginning of a new era. Normally, a user can also view the final output on the computer screen, such as writing something on the MS Word, scribbling In paint, etc. Therefore, for the public, these were the main functions of any software. However, the internal code of such software stays always hidden from the users of the system. The artificial intelligence companies are the major players in this coding market. The traditional approaches are giving space to the new methodologies. Therefore, open-sourcing is a new trend in the technological world. The open source AI will allow the tech companies to make people aware of the source for the software. In this way, there would be lesser chances of errors and bugs. Openness is engulfing more and more companies in this field and is bringing the source code in the limelight. Thus, we can say that from communicative grounds, this step does have a severe appeal. However, it may not be so appealing from a business perspective.

    Some Instances of Open Sourcing

    The revelation of the coding of the latest technology is making more people aware of the latest advancements. The abstract patterns of the networks will tell you the organizational layers that have the capacity to analyze vast sets of data. The bigger tech companies have accepted this approach wholeheartedly and are already on the move. Some of the notable names in this respect are Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others. Some may find it quite bizarre. To some people of traditional days may be of the opinion that revealing the source code can never be a good idea. However, with the passing of time, several changes and related developments are taking place in every field. The modern era bears the importance of transparency and digitalization. Hence, most of the IT companies are going for open source AI.

    Some examples of open sourcing of AI are as follows:-

    • Alexa by Amazon
    • M-personal assistant of Microsoft
    • Computation Network Tool Kit of Microsoft
    • Tensor Flow by Google

    Today, the advent of Alexa influenced the daily lives of so many people and made things a lot easier. In June 2015, this product came into the market and is widely accepted today as a brilliant Echo device. The Computation Network Tool Kit of Microsoft is a recent addition in this field.

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