When Do You Need Transcreation Services?

    The act of translating content from one language to another requires a careful and measured approach. This is because converting from one language to another can be difficult and tricky at times. Translation, therefore, makes communication easier and smoother between people of different communities. However, there are certain areas where translation does not work. This is when you are dealing with creative content. At times like these, transcreation services come to the rescue.

    Regular translation often fails to capture the meaning in another language in the case of creative content. Here, a more creative translation is needed—known as transcreation. As opposed to translation, transcreation focuses on the response it provokes in the audience. This happens when a direct translation does not inspire people, and a creative translation works to bring out the same response in people.

    There are many times you will require transcreation services in your translation projects. Here are a few of them.

    Instances of using transcreation services

    1.    Name of a product

    A lot of effort goes into coming up and deciding on a name for your product. Businesses often invest time in naming a product to make an impression on the market. This is why changing a product name may be the last thing you need when you enter a new market.

    A product name is important as it means everything that your product is about and is a representation of your brand’s value. This is the reason why a creative translation of a product name is extremely important.

    However, you need to be extra careful. There have been many instances where a literal translation of a product has gone all wrong. For example, when Ford introduced its popular Pinto model to Brazil, the market share of the company dropped. The reason was that the word “pinto” is Spanish and translates to offensive meaning in Portuguese. However, the car sales jumped in Brazil when a creative translation of the word was done. The model was renamed to “Corcel”.

    2.    Brand slogans

    One of the things which are extremely difficult to translate is brand slogans. A slogan represents a brand message and needs to be translated accordingly.

    There have been many examples where an inappropriately translated slogan has resulted in lost sales for a brand. For example, in Chinese, KFC’s slogan “Finger lickin’ good” was mistakenly translated to “Eat your fingers off”.

    The creative translation was done to attract Chinese consumer to try out fast food.

    3.    Novels and Creative Writing

    The translation of novels and creative writing needs a creative translation approach. This is because only creative translation can convey the essence of a story to its readers. A literal translation fails to capture that meaning in another language.

    Transcreation services adapt metaphors and descriptions. This is done so that they make sense in the language they are translated into. For example, the English metaphor “raining cats and dogs” does not exist in the Japanese language. It has to be creatively translated in order to make sense.

    4.    Films and TV scripts

    The translation of scripts from one language to another might be tricky. This is because slang terms and colloquial language lose their meaning and can be offensive in another language. Similarly, translating scripts that are recreating historical language can be difficult as its terms may not be properly translated. Here a creative translation approach would convey the intended message to the audience appropriately.

    5.    Video Games

    Video games are perhaps the items that need transcreation services the most. In a video game, there are titles, slogans and scripts which all need the creative translation in order to convey the intended message. However, not all content in these video games needs creative translation—for example the instruction manual, terms and conditions section.

    6.    Speeches and Debates

    Speeches may not need creative translation, but it is a habit of many orators and politicians to give a creative touch to their speeches. In these speeches, the elements which need creative translation are slogans, historical references, metaphors and political analogies. These need a creative approach in order to convey the intended message to the audience.

    The Last Word

    Translation of content from one language to another is necessary for conveying a message. However, in certain areas, literal translation fails to make the intended impact. Here a creative translation is needed to give a creative touch to translation. An audience is likely to appreciate and notice a message in this way. This is why transcreation services are most needed. A business can hire the expert services of translation agencies for their transcreation needs. These companies have teams of translators who are willing to creatively translate content in target languages so as to make the message understood to everyone.  


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