What’s the Most Beginner Friendly Website Builder?

    Would you like to create a website but you don’t know where to begin? You can easily do that with the aid of a website builder. When you are using a website builder, there will be no need to know how to register a domain or code. Also, you don’t have to carry out any complicated stuff that is associated with the registration of websites. 

    It has never been easy to create a website given the accessible and simple interfaces, support pages, and great help. However, all the website builders seem to be offering the same experience in creating a great looking and professional website. Therefore, it can be challenging to identify the most beginner-friendly website builder. The most important thing is to identify a website builder that is easy to use. Some of them include; 

    1. Site123

    If you want to get online in a hurry, Site123 is a speedy website for you. The platform has an intuitive ADI service that can help you build a website shell within a few minutes. You will also get an unusual but very powerful sidebar-based editing system that makes it quite easy to modify to change your page layout and also add content to them. 

    Site123 is the best website builder to use in creating eCommerce stores. The online store templates will do nearly all the setup for you. You just need to add product information to your website and you will begin to sell. 

    The only challenge with the templates is that they are a little bit predictable. They are not bad only that they lack the wow-factor that you will get in tools like Squarespace. It comes with five pricing packages together with a free trial. The cheapest version has serious feature limitations which is shameful because the other packages ramp up in the cost. 

    2. WordPress

    This is the best website builder for bloggers. WordPress is the best solution if you want to build a publishing or blogging website. However, it has talents that don’t extend to the other website types. 

    To be precise, we are not referring to but It is critical to not that the functioning of these two websites is quite different. is more similar to a traditional website builder and the experience that it offers is more guided. 

    However, will give you more customization freedom. However, you will need to get your hosting separately. One beautiful thing about is that it is easy to use. You will get a blogging-focused website builder that offers a broad range of templates. It also has an easy to use and straight forward blog post editor. 

    Also, you will become a member of a large and highly engaged community of users who will help you to learn how to use WordPress well. However, the more advanced features are reserved for the pricey plans. It does not give you a lot of control over the design of your website like the other website builders. 

    3. Wix

    Wix has great-looking templates and is the best website builder for first-timers. It is one of the website builders that scores highly when it comes to the element of beginner friendly. Getting started with Wix is superfast. It has top-class templates that you can use to build a stunning website easily. It also has an ADI system that you can use to create a website shell that is tailored for your unique needs.

    After creating the basis of your website, you will get access to so many features and apps that will allow you to create different types of websites. It does not matter whether you need a blog, an online shop or business website. Wix will be able to give you the best service ever. 

    Is Wix a beginner friendly website builder? The answer is an outright yes! You don’t require any experience with website builders to start using Wix to develop your website. It has a simple but highly detailed editing system that will allow you to create a unique website without any stress. 

    If you can create a Facebook post or write a Word document, you will not have it tough to use Wix to create web pages. Adding videos, images, and even words is quite simple because of the user-first principles and easy menus that make all the things to feel straightforward. 

    4. Weebly

    If you are a beginner to website building, Weebly is an easy to use builder for you. However, Weebly is not as good as Wix. It does not have so many templates that you can select from and it has more expensive eCommerce functions in comparison to Wix. 

    However, Weebly is still among the most fantastic website builders in the market. It has several good elements for people who are new to website construction. It has flexible templates and you can change in between them at any time. It has an intuitive drag and drop editor that allows you to deeply customize your website. Weebly also has more than 300 plugins and Apps that will make your website to work brilliantly for all visitors. 


    If you are looking for the best beginner friendly website builder, you can choose from the list above. Each of them has the ability to meet the needs of beginners in a very precise manner. 

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