What Not to Include in Your eBay Listing


    Millions of listings and thousands of products under same category on eBay give stiff competition to sellers. The eBay buyer has an attention span of few seconds only on a particular item and in those seconds, if they don’t like something, they move on. There are certain mistakes that you should avoid while listing your products on eBay. With eBay listing optimization services from ecommerce service providers you can avoid those mistakes and create flawless profile on eBay. Let’s explore what are these common mistakes that you must completely eliminate while listing your products.

    Tactic 1# don’t include irrelevant information

    Blob of detailed description put-off consumer at first glance. EBay data entry services aims at providing concise and clear information of your product by emphasizing on the features details that can benefit a consumer. The eBay data entry experts make sure to use your product description to close the deal and not catch mere viewers, or you may lose grip at the finish line.

    Tactic2# don’t list restricted and prohibited items

    EBay has a list of products that must not be listed by seller on this platform. These items are completely restricted or prohibited. It is time consuming to go through this list, an eBay data entry expert analyze list sharply and guide you before listing your product for maximum eBay product sales. This way you will be eliminated from the risk of violating the rules of eBay.

    Tactic3# do not disclose your personal information

    Business and personal life should be kept separately. When you take eBay data entry services from eCommerce services providers then team of experts scan your details before publishing it on eBay store. Data entry expert make sure that any of your personal information including phone numbers, personal email id, or any contact details is not mentioned in the details. This will only save you from being restricted from selling on eBay platform. All your communication with the consumers is taken care by experts on eBay platform only.

    Tactic 4# do not post blurry and poor quality images

    Picture of your product must be visually appealing as well as clear and original to give real view of your product to the consumers. EBay product listing manager take care that pictures you are willing to upload must be genuine. You should not upload pictures of other manufacturer or seller under your profile. Image editing expert from eCommerce Services Company knows the specifications of image quality hence avoid flashy graphics to curb fake appearance of image.

    Tactic 5# don’t mention contradictory listing information

    For maximum eBay product store sales, you must follow fair mean of selling and marketing. Avoid adding ambiguous and misleading information to your product description. The eBay stock management expert take due care that what is promise is delivered and on time as mentioned in the details. This will create credibility and trustworthiness among consumers towards your product.

    Tactic 6# don’t create misleading listing titles

    Your product listing titles must have appropriate keywords for your eBay products. Over-stuffing of keywords must be avoided as well. An eBay SEO expert is well versed with the prevailing relevant keywords related to your product that he infuse in your title. This will avoid the circumstances of misleading your consumers, which in turn could put your goodwill on stake.

    Tactic 7# don’t breach copyrights, trademarks or other rights.

    In the race to appear at the top, sellers sometimes use other manufacturer’s product image and product details in their eBay product listing. An experienced eBay data entry expert checks plagiarism before attaching any piece of information to your listings, which leads to honest eBay product listing.

    Final note

    A perfect way to avoid errors at first place is to outsource eBay data entry services to a reliable and efficient ecommerce service provider who hold rich experience in this field. EBay is a profitable platform to connect to your consumers and convert them into leads. Wisely taking decisions on what to avoid while entering such platforms require deep knowledge and study, which only experienced eBay experts, can guide you through. Make maximum of eBay product listing optimization while handling over the managing task into professional hands.

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