What Is YourPhone.exe Windows 10 & Can You Disable It?

    Windows has different processes and applications for the device, but you are not familiar with most of them. This gives you the benefit of doubt that whether that application is legit or your PC has been hacked. Yourphone.exe is one of the processes that you might have never heard of and this raises the level of your suspicion.

    In this article, we will be talking about yourphone.exe what is it, is there’s a yourphone.exe virus, and what is yourphone.exe process.

    What Is Yourphone.exe Windows 10?

    YourPhone.exe Windows 10 is a Microsoft app that synchronizes Android or iOS phones with your Windows 10 PC. To unlock a range of cross-device experiences, it connects your phone and PC. For example, users can sync images and messages through Windows 10, Android, and Apple devices, as long as both the phone and Windows PC use the same Microsoft account.

    YourPhone.exe needs to continue sending any updates to the desktop on your Android or iOS phone and that’s why the process continues to run in the background. The app has to work in the background for as long as your PC is switched on for the Yourphone.exe app to help you keep up to date on all the updates you get on your mobile. And as you already know, it consumes power when an app runs in the background.

    You can expect a better battery life if you don’t have the yourphone.exe installed on your PC. So, there is nothing like yourphone.exe virus or yourphone.exe windows 10 virus.
    Alternatively, you may also want to use all the features provided by your computer, but do not want the app to run in the background at all times.

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    Is Yourphone.exe Windows 10 Virus?

    YourPhone.exe is a software created by Microsoft, just as mentioned above. So YourPhone.exe is a legit process and not malware. Often, however, certain malware or viruses can still mask the YourPhone.exe method by using the same word. To secure your device and conduct a virus scan regularly, it is recommended to install anti-virus software such as Avast as Windows 10 yourphone.exe is not a popular task.

    You can also disable Windows 10 yourphone.exe if you don’t need it or have prolonged battery life and use advanced features on your Windows 10. By using the following process, you can disable the yourphone.exe process:

    • Manually Stop The YourPhone.exe Process

    So, after knowing what is YourPhone.exe process, let us see how to disable it manually using these simple steps:

    • By right-clicking the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, open the Windows Task Manager. Press Task Manager from the menu of options. Alternatively, on your keyboard, click Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open it manually.
    • Check for Microsoft YourPhone.exe Process in the Windows Task Manager browser. If the app is running, it appears to be Your Phone. If it is getting executed in the background, it might appear as YourPhone. There’s a difference in the space key, don’t get confused.
    • To stop the Your Phone or YourPhone process, right-click the process and then click End Task.

    This will terminate the running process before you reboot the next time, or until you manually open your phone app. This will prevent the software from functioning in the background while you are using your phone’s features. Unless the app is re-opened, you won’t get updates or messages.

    • Disable The YourPhone.exe In Windows 10

    Ending the yourphone.exe process from the previous set of instructions will work only until you reboot. After you reboot your system, it will appear again in the list of background processes. If you want to stop it from starting in the background, then follow these steps:

    • Right-click on the taskbar and open settings. You can also tap the Windows (⊞) on your keyboard and search for settings by typing manually.


    • Type ‘Privacy’ in the search bar of the settings menu and hit enter.


    • After hitting enter, you will get various options on your left-hand side. Click on ‘Background Apps’ from the enlisted options.


    • You will get the list of background apps. Scroll until you find Your Phone option and disable the yourphone.exe option by clicking on the slider. The option will turn grey and will show ‘OFF’ written on the right hand of the slider after you turn it off successfully.


    This will stop yourphone.exe from starting in the background every time you open the computer.

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    Knowing The Fundamental System Processes In Windows 10

    Other machine processes, such as msmpeng.exe, are considered to be critical components of your installation of Windows 10, and stopping or disabling them will cause Windows to stop working. Fortunately, the Your Phone app is not as important, so you can, but it’s easier to simply disable it and leave it in place rather than deleting it.

    If you are worried about processes that you are not familiar with in Windows Task Manager, then you should probably check for malware to make sure that your PC is still stable. If you do not have antivirus protection enabled, then you can use several free antivirus removal tools instead, including the Windows Security built-in app.

    We hope that we gave you a clear insight into what is yourphone.exe Windows 10, yourphone.exe process, and how to disable it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Microsoft yourphone.exe?

    Yourphone.exe is a Microsoft app that synchronizes Windows 10 PC with Android or iOS smartphones.

    What is yourphone.exe in windows 10?

    Yourphone.exe is a Microsoft app that synchronizes Windows 10 PC with Android or iOS smartphones.

    What does yourphone.exe do?

    Yourphone.exe enables users to sync photos across Windows 10, Android, and Apple devices.

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