What is WordPress Web Development?

    Leveling up as an online developer begins with a firm foundation, one during which you’ll then incrementally build your skill sets. Far too many WordPress Web Developer skip these fundamentals and jump right to change this or that during a website. The intent of the Absolutely Beginner’s lab series is to supply you with a bunch of “Aha” moments where it just starts making sense for you.

    You’ll be introduced to the websites, browsers, and programming. Let’s mention the roles of the assorted technologies and programming languages. You’ll also study the role of plugins and themes in reference to a WordPress website.

    What you’ll learn?

    This article gives you a delicate introduction to:

    • HTTP Protocol and the way browser-to-server works
    • How WordPress receives a page request then processes it to make an online page
    • Big picture overview of programming
    • Themes versus Plugins – what goes where

    Big picture of programming languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and PHP Required Skill Level

    This lab is for the beginner or anyone who must build his/her fundamental web development skills and knowledge. We assume that you simply don’t know anything about WordPress Customization and begin at the beginning.

    Local Development Environment Setup for Mac

    Your local web development environment is critical to your ability to efficiently produce top quality and well-tested software projects. This environment should be incredibly easy to use. It should support the way you’re employed, making you better and faster while demanding little or no of some time. during this hands-on lab, you’ll find out your local web development environment. it’ll include version control with

    Git, helper apps, package managers (Composer, Node, and npm), task runner with Gulp, local web server, and knowledgeable editor.

    In web development, there are tons of moving parts, different hardware, and different technologies that you simply got to know so as to deliver custom websites to your clients. there’s WordPress, of course, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and jQuery to call a couple of . there’s also the online server, database, and browsers. Whew, there are tons of components and technologies for you to understand. Whether you’re implementing websites, meaning setting them up by producing the theme and plugins, or writing custom services from scratch, you continue to have much to master.

    This lab introduces you to web development and provides you an enormous picture view of all of the moving pieces. Then in later posts, you’ll incrementally build your foundation to level up yourself.

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