What is a simulated diamond and how its made in lab?

    Simulated diamonds are also known as diamond simulants and include things like cubic zirconia (CZ), Moissanite, and YAG. They can also include some clear natural gemstones like white sapphire, white zircon or even clear quartz. They are real diamonds but not grown by Mother Nature.

    Simulated diamonds are the same as real diamonds in looks, but they are completely different in the make. They do not have the same chemical, physical or optical properties as real diamonds. Even they are cheaper than real diamonds.

    Simulated diamonds are also known as diamond simulants.

    What are simulated diamonds made off?

    Simulates diamonds are made of synthetic and natural gems that look like a particular gem are used in imitational jewellery. Natural materials like colourless quartz, topaz, sapphire, beryl, and zircon are used for simulant diamonds for centuries.

    Most commonly, the simulant diamonds like zirconia and Moissanite are synthetic stones that are made in laboratories. In contrast, cubic zirconia is an example of a diamond that is made by heating powdered ingredients at a melting point and then cooling the mix to a solid form. You know what is a simulated diamond and its simulants present in it.  

    Diamond Simulants

    Below are some diamond simulant that not only looks real they can be cleaned easily

    1.Cubic Zirconia (CZ):

    Cubic Zirconia is a very affordable simulated diamonds. They have a hardness of 8.5 and are commonly colourless and flawless. They have a bit greater fire than diamonds.

    2.Synthetic Moissanite:

    Synthetic Moissanite is the hardest diamond simulants, which has two times more fire than diamonds. These can be colourless and even nearly colourless. They have high clarity and are less likely to attract grease.


    Zircon is a natural stone and one of the oldest on earth. It has the fire same a diamond.


    The colourless Sapphires are both hard as well as tough. It is extremely durable and can be worn in a ring. The colourless sapphires are affordable and look like real natural stone.

    5.Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (GGG):

    The Gadolinium Gallium Garnet has the same fire as the diamonds. They are often colourless. 

    6.Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG):

    The Yttrium Aluminum Garnet or YAG has good hardness and is highly clear. They are rarely used as simulant diamonds.

    7.Synthetic Rutile:

    If you want a diamond that looks more brilliant than a diamond, then Synthetic Rutile is the best choice. It has seven times more fire than diamonds.

    Are our simulated diamonds worth anything?

    Simulated diamonds look gorgeous, but they do not have the same chemical or physical properties as real diamonds have. They are relatively cheaper than the diamonds but are not outrageous.

    The difference between simulated diamonds and real diamonds?

    The simulated diamonds and real diamonds look the same but have different chemical and physical properties. Although the simulated diamond jewellery look no less than real ones

    Do simulated diamonds get cloudy?

    The synthetic diamonds that are grown or manufactured in the laboratory have minor inclusions or blemishes. These imperfections can be the same as the ones that can be found in top-grade diamonds but are not visible, and they won’t cause a cloudy appearance. 

    What is the best-simulated diamond?

    • Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
    • Synthetic Moissanite
    • Zircon
    • Sapphire
    • Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (GGG)
    • Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG)
    • Synthetic Rutile


    Diamond simulants are defined as stones created in a lab and aren’t made solely of carbon crystals, as natural mined diamonds and lab diamonds are. Lab-created diamond simulants are also known as diamond alternatives and include synthetic moissanite and Nexus Diamond™ alternatives.

    Diamond simulants are created in a lab to manipulate the characteristics and seek to emulate the colourless, flawless, and durable nature of a perfect diamond.


    Diamonds are a women’s best friend, no matter real or stimulate diamonds. Whenever you are about to buy a simulated diamond, you must check the durability as it affects the price and the care of the diamond. No matter which is the diamond, it will shine till you take proper care of it. We hope next time when you are about to buy a diamond you now know what is a stimulate diamond and will buy accordingly. But while they may be a nice luxury to enjoy for some, many steps of their journey to jewelry results in negative impacts in the environment and society & write for us here. As more attention is brought to these issues, one can only hope that more light will be shed as to how to fix these problems and leave a brighter future for not only the diamonds but this planet.

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