What does Litigation Management Software do for Legal Firms?

    Litigation Management Software is a great tool to handle litigation cases for various jurisdictions efficiently. It also gets easier to manage the deadlines accurately and create a centralized case repository. Litigation Management Software enables users to save all litigation queries and inquiries. It permits the conversion of those inquiries into case application dockets, and then one can easily monitor the inquiry to litigation cases conversion failure or success ratio. This software assists the user to save and manage the entire case details, that is, the case description, title, specific court, opposition party, attorney, etc. It offers a powerful engine for management of all the cases that are handled by the IP law firms. The overall processing, storing, and recovery of case documents is performed from the litigation module which makes the work of law firms very easy and hence productive. Creating and managing various case details, cover letters, forms, pending hearing due dates become very easy with the best legal case management software. 

    There are many latest and modern Litigation Management Software and best legal case management software that aid legal firms, lawyers, corporate legal departments, and advocates in streamlining their daily responsibilities and enhance their productivity due to built-in automation. It also helps in managing various clients, cases, documents, billing information, etc. with ease.

    You can enhance your law practice with easy-to-use and intuitive cloud-enabled legal case management software. Best legal case management software assists in handling the law practice right from on boarding the client to the invoicing process.

    Court Case Tracker

    Court case tracker impeccably syncs with various forums like the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and District Courts, and Tribunals. You can stay updated with the case status, hearing dates and judgment or orders, and cause list. You will also get a notification for every update of your litigation through an email or SMS.


    These software also offer a comprehensive dashboard with all the information like work alerts, notifications for the pending submission or deadlines, and hearing scheduler calendar.

    Centralized case docketing

    Best legal case management software provides a centralized case docketing repository that displays all your documents with particular names and dates categorized under various headings.

    Client management

    Litigation Management Software helps to manage all the clients’ records right from when they come to you to the final billing. Thus, you have to spend lesser time on structuring your data and focus more time on your legal practice. 

    Case and matter management

    Best legal case management software can handle all your case matters effectively. You can access any detail of your case to see related clients, invoices, expenses, time entries, documents, etc. Checking and monitoring every case at every single litigation stage becomes very simple and is available at your fingertips.

    Open Structure

    With Litigation Management Software, you can create, define, and then manage individual masters for configuring the workflow offering highly scalable software for any future alterations.

    Examination and Office Action Management

    Best legal case management software systems handle various deadlines for compliance of examination or office actions and filing of replies effectively.

    Invoicing process

    Litigation Management Software help in developing professional-looking invoices in a jiffy and include all the expenses and time entries in your invoices. There are different billing types available for the matter, which gives you flexibility on how to bill your client. You can also bill your client very easily for all the reimbursable expenses that have incurred so far.

    Client portal

    By using the best legal management software, you can delight you as they stay informed of their cases. You can offer access to relevant data to your clients through Client Portal in such software. It enables you to interact easily and share important data and documents with your clients.

    Renewal Management

    These software help in tracking the forthcoming renewals and also help the users in setting the renewal dates.

    Reports and Analytics

    Litigation Management Software has powerful analytics that helps you to gain a deep insight into your company’s performance. It can also help you to find areas for improvement and also the areas where you are doing well. You can easily fetch Client Ledger reports, Invoice Receivables, Time and Expense reports, and Client and Matter reports.

    Complete IP workflow process

    Litigation Management Software usually offers an automated process workflow during the end-to-end life cycle of a case.

    Mobile App

    You can save time and manage your legal practice while being on-the-go with these software’s Mobile Apps.

    Billing and receipts

    You can generate pro forma invoices, regular invoices, and debit and credit notes by using automated templates and also generate receipts against them.

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