What 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Must-Have In 2020

    Are you a kitchen gadget junkie? Do you want to make your cooking time just a breeze? We offer you a detailed review of the kitchen gadgets to make life easier. Keep reading!

    Cooking should be comfortable and time-saving. Almost all kitchen gadgets are made to save you time and to add inspiration to your cooking process. We offer you a review of the best kitchen gadgets that can be handy in every kitchen.

    Modern cooking should not be tiresome. We all know that there nothing more important than spending time with your family and beloved ones. And we are here to help you to make cooking more ergonomic.

    Food processor

    This kitchen gadget is the number one choice both for beginners and professionals. You can use it to make whipped cream of the best quality, homemade mayonnaise for your salads in minutes, excellent guacamole, or hummus. The food processor is a fantastic shredder for any cheese and a perfect slicer for your chorizo and pepperoni. You can call it the best friend among kitchen gadgets and equipment.


    Homemade Juice

    You must have this gadget at home already, and it is a universal one for all times and generations. They have not changed much. Modern juicers can get a juice not only from fruits, but you can make a refreshing vegetable cocktail that makes your heart healthy. Juicer is not a complicated utensil and goes in category kitchen gadgets under $50. Be sure you have got one for your kitchen.

    Multi cooker

    It is another must-have kitchen gadget with multiple options. It is a perfect kitchen gadget for mom and dad as it serves the purposes of a vast family. You can cook various dishes just in one bowl, and the recipes are straightforward. It has a postpone start function, and you can sleep longer in the morning, only upload all ingredients in advance and get the result to the time you open the eyes.

    Rice Cooker

    Rice is one of the most popular ingredients nowadays. It goes to salads, Asian recipes, Japanese sushi and rolls, and Italian risotto. It is not easy to cook rice properly for each dish, whether brown or white. We strongly recommend you to get a rice cooker. This kitchen gadget knows how to change your rice and water to absolute perfection with minimum time spent.


    Black Blender

    You could never get a more useful kitchen gadget. It is time-saving and broadens your menu horizons. Blender can start your day with a vitamin fruit smoothie, create a tzatziki sauce for a dinner stake, and end your day with a mango sorbet. The only thing you have to worry about is a blender and its knives to be of the best quality, the rest is secondary.

    Rubber Spatulas

    Silicone or rubber spatulas is also a gadget that should exist in a modern kitchen. First of all, these kitchen gadgets and their uses save time. They spread butter better than a usual knife. They also protect Teflon pots from scratching and can stand high temperatures.


    The wok is a great kitchen gadget for cooking veggie-based meals in several minutes. This traditional kitchen gadget came from Asian countries where it was in every family. In a modern kitchen, it is better to use a flat-bottom wok for contemporary stoves.

    Large colander

    There is hardly any week when you do not use this fantastic kitchen gadget. It is usually great for draining boiled vegetables and pasta, as it prevents a cooker from getting burned by steam.


    Stainless Grater

    Stainless steel four-sided grater is a must-have kitchen gadget. It is useful for shredding cheese and all types of vegetables. You do not need to be an athlete to use it. Grader saves your time, as the grating is quicker than usual chopping. Though it is an essential kitchen gadget, it may be a little pricey as it is made of thick stainless steel.

    Storage containers

    Storage is essential in the contemporary kitchen, especially if it is not of great size. It is more useful to keep every food ingredient separately in its container. It would help if you chose containers made from sturdy plastic or glass to be in usage for many years. It is also one of the kitchen gadgets must-haves 2020.


    Kitchen gadgets are very crucial in a modern kitchen. They save money, food, and time that you can spend with your family. If you have already got some, do not leave them forgotten. They are worth it. Please tell us what kitchen gadgets you prefer and what you plan to get this year.

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