Top 9 Smart Tips to Save Money on Shoes in 2020

    Have you ever wondered why did the prince in the story of Cinderella paid greater attention to her shoes? It’s because people first notice the pair of shoes you are wearing while meeting you. Hence, shoes play a significant role in beautifying your overall look. They do something more than covering your feet: they actually beautify them.

    It is due to their very important; many people normally try to spend a greater value of their money on shoes. But not everybody can afford the best one due to financial constraints. Therefore, people look for ways on how to save money on clothes and shoes, or how to save money while shopping online.

    One of my sincere opinions is that you do not need to maximize your budget for buying a new shoe pair. Nor do you have to write off the pair of shoes you like from the shopping list. Instead, you can look for smarter ways of how to save money on clothes and shoes.

    So, for your guidance, I have jotted down the top 9 smart tips to save money on shoes. Keep reading to know about those tips.

    1. Quality Vs Quantity

    It is one of the top nine smart tips to save money on shoes. Instead of piling up a huge number of shoes in your wardrobe, you need to look for the quality of shoes. If you are shopping with the mindset to buy six to seven pairs of shoes at a time, I would recommend you look for quality instead of quantity, but keeping in view the price and coupons.

    A comfortable and reliable pair of shoes can last for a longer time. However, if you are buying the cheaper material, you are definitely in the loss. A cheaper material can cost you more than what you actually invested while buying those shoes.

    2. Compare and Buy

    The second of the top nine smart tips to save money on shoes is to compare two or more pairs of shoes before making a final choice. Do not rush to make the final decision. Though it is not a very high amount of money that you are going to invest in shoes, I totally understand that every penny counts and every dollar matters when you are on a tight budget.

    Therefore, select three or more pairs of shoes that appeal to you more. Then compare all of them: look for their prices, material, reliability, strength, and style. After assessing each and every aspect, you can move towards the final step.

    3. Look for The Shoes on Sale

    This is definitely going to save you lots of money. Many famous brands place their shoes and other products on sale for many reasons. Those reasons can be that they either want to clear their old stock or maybe it is a festival. So, whatever the reason is, shoes on sale are definitely going to help you out in saving money.

    You can wait for any festival like Christmas or Black Friday. Or you can keep an eye on the changing trend and fashion. This way you can get your favorite shoe pair and that too at a reasonable price.

    4. Use Vouchers and Coupons

    Many shoes and clothing brands come up with exciting money-saving deals and vouchers, instead of pricing off their product. So, you can also look for the genuine coupon codes and vouchers and can avail them effectively.

    Also, look for the websites that offer such vouchers, so you can have some profit from those sites too.

    5. A Color for All

    Instead of buying matching colors for each dress, look for the neutral colors that can complement every dress color. Other than opting for such colors, you can also use the trick of mix and match to stay classy and fashionable.

    For instance, if you have a blue gown, it is not important to pair it with a matching heel. You can even wear your old blue colored heels or pumps to give a mix and match style.

    6. Recycle the Old One

    It is not necessary that you must buy a new pair of shoes before any event or special occasion. Even if your favorite pair is broken, you can repair it to reuse it. This way you can save your money. Also, there are a number of DIY and recycling ideas available on the internet that you can use to give your shoes a new look.

    7. Fashion Vs Reliability

    I would highly recommend you to look for the durability and longevity of shoes before buying them. People normally buy the one that is high in fashion or something that is trendier.

    Due to which, they overlook the reliability and comfort of shoes. The prime function of shoes is to give you a comfortable walk. If the shoes you are deciding to buy are not comfortable enough, you do not have to invest money on it just because it is trendy.

    8. Shopping Shoes Online

    People often find it tempting and easy to buy shoes online, however, this trick may cost you a lot. The first thing that you need to keep in mind before buying shoes online is the authenticity of the seller. Also, you need to be sure about the material he is providing. Read the reviews and do detailed research. Or you can look for the unknown or start-up brands, as they provide good discount coupons and quality.

    Then compare prices and features of products available at different sites. Finally, you need to know your right shoe size before making a decision.

    9. Opt for Borrowing One

    Last of the top nine smart tips to save money on shoes is to borrow one from your friend or family. If your friend has bought a pair of shoes that you are truly in love with, you can ask him or her for lending you the shoes. This way you can save your valuable time, money, and energy.

    Shoes play a vital role in improving your persona. You must get the right shoes that match your outfit. But before investing a huge chunk of money on that, you need to know how to save money on shoes. This way you can stay classy even if you are on a tight budget.

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