Tips to Trim & Prune A Tree to Grow It Another Direction

    The damaged or affected branches of the tree can affect their healthy growth. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of damaged and broken branches of the tree. The tree trimming and pruning technique can help in restoring the healthy growth of the trees.

    There are some trees like fruit trees that need yearly pruning and trimming. It will help the fruit trees to spend more energy on fruits rather than unwanted branches. Some deciduous and evergreen trees need selective pruning and trimming for decorative purposes.

    It will provide you an opportunity to control the share of the tree. But it is very important to implement pruning and trimming carefully. If you want to grow a tree in a particular direction, then you must embrace patience and invest in the right tools.

    Here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss various tips to grow the tree in a specific direction:

    1. Pick the Desired Direction for Tree Growth

    First of all, you have to examine the tree in all directions. After that, you have to pick the right direction for the growth of the tree. You can take the help of plastic flagging tape strips to move the growth of branches or limbs of the tree in a certain direction.

    This technique will also prevent your tree from extra pruning and trimming. When you are working close to the tree, then you will not be able to see the entire shape of the tree. It may result in cutting the wrong branch of the tree.

    2. Get Rid of Small Shoots on Larger Limbs

    You should stop the cut down small size shoots and thin branches that are growing over the larger limbs. You should trim out all the small & thin branches that are growing in the unwanted direction.

    But, if there is any branch of a tree in an unwanted direction, then you have to use a pruning saw to get rid of it. If you want to remove the large size branches, then you should cut the branches above the bark collar. The bark collar is a thick portion of the branch where the branch meets the trunk.

    3. Cut Down Closely Growing Branches

    You should trim out the branches or limbs that are crossing or growing very close to each other. You should make drop crotch cuts to get rid of closely growing branches. But you should implement this trimming during the winter or dormant season of the year.

    In the drop crotch cuts, one cut will help you remove two or more branches instantly. This type of trimming will improve the growth of the tree in the spring season. This type of trimming method improves the overall health of the tree.  

    4. Get Rid of Long Branches’ Tips

    You should cut down the tips of large branches of the tree that have only one bud. It will help you to encourage the growth of the tree in the desired direction. You should cut down the tips again if new shoots appear again.

    You have to repeat this pruning technique until each branch produces four or five strong buds. It is recommended to implement this technique only in the growing season of the year. You can call experienced tree trimmers to remove unwanted branches. 

    5. Remove Unwanted Branches Throughout the Year

    You should remove unwanted shoots of the tree from the side where you do not want tree growth. You have to remove the growing branch and limbs from the unwanted side throughout the year.

    If you want to see the changes in the growth direction of the tree, then you have to implement this trimming and pruning technique for one or two years. You have to get rid of all three branches from the unwanted direction. On the other hand, in the desired direction, you have to remove only diseased or affected branches.

    6. Trim Only One-Third of Branches

    You should limit the trimming technique only up to one-third of the total branches of the tree. If you cut more than one-third of the branches, then it may lead to bad health of the tree. You should also take care of tree health while implementing tree pruning and trimming techniques.

    Sometimes extra pruning can lead to bad tree health, and gradually trees will start decaying. You can reduce the large portion of the tree by implementing trimming for over a few years. Instantly removing many branches of the tree can lead to a bad impact.

    7. Apply Fertilizer

    It is imperative to provide the necessary fertilizers after implementing tree pruning and trimming techniques. You should apply fertilizers to the tree before the dormant season starts. You must purchase the right fertilizer according to the type of tree. The evergreen trees need different nutrients as compared to the fruit trees.

    The fertilizers are important to support the growth of the branches in a specific direction. But, applying fertilizers will also encourage the growth of branches in an unwanted direction. Therefore, you should regularly examine your trees in your yard and cut the new growth of branches in an unwanted direction.

    Final Words:

    We can give any beautiful shape to the trees in our yard. The beautifully shaped tree can significantly increase the market value of your property. The above-mentioned tips will help you to give the desired shape to the trees. You have to embrace patience and invest in the right tools and machines for cutting unwanted branches of the tree.

    You can also take the help of experienced and trained professionals to remove unwanted branches of the tree. They can implement the right techniques and they have optimum machinery for cutting tree branches.

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