Tips to Choose the Best Quality Shoes

    Wearing shoes not only protect you from foot injuries but also it makes your appearance look better. Not everyone posses the ability to choose stylish and quality shoes. Not every shoe is of good quality until it’s of the well-renowned brand. Here’s an article that will provide you tips to choose the stylish and best quality of shoes. To buy shoes that suit your personality then, visit FSW Shoes

    Tips to Choose the Best Quality Shoes

    1. Find one that has a stiff back 

    To check the stiff back, hold the heel of the shoe in one hand and the other part on the other hand. Now try to move the shoe heel side to side, if you see that it is not moving then, those shoes can be considered as good. 

    1. Use some force and torque

    It’s obvious that to check those shoes you’ll try to put some force on it. Try if the shoe bends when you apply force on it. Also make sure that you do not forget to twist them, to check the durability, using your both hands. 

    1. Check if shoes have arch support 

    If the shoes do not have arch support then make sure to add arch support. Check if the arch support can have an adjustable fit in your shoes without squeezing toes or causing the shoes to slip off heel.  

    1. Check whether they are Wide and long enough 

    It is always preferred to choose a size that fits comfortably to your foot. Size should not be too short or too long. If the size will be too long then you may face issues such as slipping. Or if the size is short then you may face the issue of tightness. 

    1. Stability 

    Stability matters most in women’s heels. If you are buying high heel shoes, then try to apply low pressure on midfoot. If you try to apply more pressure than this may result in slipping of heels.

    1. Take a look inside 

    It is always recommended to check the shoe from inside, just put your hand inside. Check if the surface is soft or not, check that walls do not have any seams, check if the sole is supple and can be removed easily when needed. 

    1. Check by walking 

    Always try to check your shoes whether they fit comfortably to you or not. Put on your shoes and try to walk on a solid surface, this will let you know if shoes fit you comfortably or not. Since walking on carpet can make you feel comfortable, try to move on the floor.  

    1. When you buy shoes online

    In every 2 years your shoe size increases, your foot gets longer and wider. Always remember to check the shoe size before ordering your shoes online.

    1. Buying high heels shoes

    When females buy high heels, then it highly recommended that the heels should not be longer than 9.5 cm in height.  3 cm is the minimum height between sole and heel that can be considered as favorable. If the distance will be less then more weight will be transferred to toes.

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