Things You Need to Know About Distribution Boards


    Indo Asian, a division of the Legrand Group in India, is an Indian brand with a bequest of consumer faith entrenched for six decades. Known for their frontrunner status, they established the groundbreaking production of 10kA breaking capacity MCBs and RCCBs in India, and persistently consigned high-quality products to the Indian market. They are appreciated for their durable, resilient and cost-effective services.

    What is a Distribution Board?

    A distribution board is the chief electrical supply framework for any residential or commercial establishment. The focal cable enters the distribution board and then through the breakers dishes out in the secondary circuits such as plug and lights. For the unrivalled performance of any operating appliance, it is mandatory to sustain a proper power apportioning and is paramount for the apparatus as well as home safety. DBs are aptly fitted with DIN rail, BS bars, and neutral link.

    What are the types of Distribution Boards (BDs)?

    Distribution boards are not just a paddock but are considered as an overall system in itself bearing earth leakage, neutral links, and interconnecting wires for the sole objective of suitable electrical distribution in your house. Primarily, there are two types of distribution boards:

    ●      Single Door Distribution Board:

    This type of DB is commonly usedfor simplistic operations. They are available in 4-way, 8-way, and 16-way configurations.

    ●      Double Door Distribution Board:

    This type of DB is used for more high-tensile operations where there is an increased number of applications and connections. They are mainly used for commercial purposes.

    What are the different DB products IndoAsian serve?


    Caretron has a lot of features which makes it a consumer’s first choice, such as the earth link provides proper insulation, and the neutral link installed on raised brackets promotes wiring. The circuit identification labels permit differentiating connections between circuits and their modular devices. The dual position clamp is human-engineered, encourages easy installation, durability and longevity. Caretron has a wide range of MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) distribution Boards and 4-way Distribution Boards, like VTPN MCB I/C SD 4 Way Caretron DB and VTPN MCB I/C DD 4 Way Caretron DB. These DBs represent a lot of features, including:

    • Innovative Design.
    • IP 30 & IP 42 Degree of Protection.
    • Detachable Gland Plate.
    • Attractive Pearl Shade
    • Tin-Plated Copper Bus Bar
    • Box Insertion Marks
    • Circuit Identification Label
    • Neutral Link
    • Earth Link


    Optipro operates on great dealing features including, the innovative knob which constructed as per user’s instructions, guarantees a high mechanical life and supports original IP43. For better routing, easy wiring, and cable termination, they provide an ample wiring space and a removable pan. To ensure storage protection, the frame, the door and the shield are packed separately. The cement protector is responsible for shielding and keeping the DB box clean and intact. Optipro also has a variety of MCB Distribution Boards and 4-way Distribution Boards like VTPN MCB SD 4 Way and VTPN MCB DD 4 Way, including features like:

    • Door Earthing.
    • Insulated Busbar Assembly.
    • Mechanical Impact Strength Ik 08.
    • Isolated Neutral Bar.
    • P 43 Protections.

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