The wide acceptance of Pocket Spring Mattress

    Sleeping is as important as eating, drinking, exercising, and every other activity that directly affects our sustenance. Neglecting the quality of sleep can really affect our health. Beds are made to sleep on them but what makes our beds more comfortable and fluffier? Here is where the role of mattress comes into play, a mattress completes your bed by making it comfortable and ready to sleep.  

    Mattresses affect our sleep in so many ways, sometimes we are unaware of the fact that it is the mattress that influences our sleep and often neglects the quality of mattresses we use. 

    There are a variety of mattresses available in the market of UAE today but choosing the right one for your need and comfort is still chaotic. Here is a list of types of mattresses to choose from: 

    1. Memory Foam Mattress 
    2. Latex Foam Mattress  
    3. Orthopedic Mattress 
    4. Back Support Mattress 
    5. Pocket Spring Mattress
    6. Bonnell Spring Mattress 


    1. PU Foam Mattress 
    2. Bonded Foam Mattress 
    3. HR Foam Mattress 
    4. Hybrid Mattress (Foam + Spring) 

    Each mattress has its pros and cons and one should choose wisely keeping their need and comfort in mind. Among all the mattresses mentioned above the pocket spring mattresses are used widely today because of their mesmerizing features. 

    Here are some of the startling features of the Pocket Spring Mattresses: 

    Pocket spring mattresses are breathable that is the material they are made up of allows the air to pass through them. 

    Each spring is embedded independently which means the movement of one person would not affect the sleep of the other one. 

    The pocket spring mattress generally has a life span of 8-10 years. Their longevity is yet another astounding feature of them. 

    It distributes the weight evenly on the surface. 

    This type of mattress is fluffy and firm at the same time which relieves the pain of muscles and joints from the body. 

    The pocket spring mattress is available in most of the markets in the UAE. Choose the right mattress for you because it eventually influences your sleep quality. 

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