The Beautiful Supermodel In The World: Here Is The Guide To Become A Model

    Planning to opt for modeling as your career? There are many things you have to learn from the top beautiful supermodels around the world.

    Go through the Vogue magazines and fashion shows to see the best model in the world in 2020. It will aid you in taking the nod of the catwalk – and how supermodels carry themselves for photoshoots.

    But the first question you have to ponder is, do you have a look? If the answer is yes, then you have the potential to become a model. There are a variety of models that are niche and specialized in different looks and personalities. Once you have decided to become a model, it’s the right time to choose your path.

    Before you give you a guide – have a look at the best supermodel in the world:

    1. Gigi Hadid
    2. Naomi Campbell
    3. Adriana Lima
    4. Jourdan Dunn
    5. Robyn Lawley

    Now all of the models mentioned above specialize in different looks and personalities. Let’s begin with a guide now:

    Learn about Physicality

    Initially, all the amateur models have to decipher their best features and how to spark them. See your face, free from makeup, and pull your hair back. Those days are not anymore alive when industry sought strict Eurocentric and symmetry features. Discover the best part about your face? Do you have sleepy eyes? Do you have full lips? Do you have a gap in your teeth? Any of them can be beneficial for the casting agent to hire you.

    Look in the mirror – make different faces. Do little practice over-the-top emoting, laughing, and bending your body in various positions while giving comfortable and natural expression. Start wearing heels if you don’t feel comfortable. You may have to run, jump, and skip in heels. Learn about moving fluidly, with little movement for shutter clicks. The action is frequent, and the photographer keeps clicking your picture. So, it would help if you had adequate practice.

    Make your Modeling Portfolio

    Once you get an idea about poses and angles, it’s time to hire a fashion photographer to take your pictures. The purpose is to make a portfolio because the casting agent will initially see your collection before asking you to do practically before them. Take candid photos from your smartphone. Even portfolio standards have changed with time, and you need a polished and professional.

    Typically, there are two types of portfolios you need to curate.

    • One is the traditional, hard copy – it’s like your resume. It will be given to the casting personnel during the interview. Bring your 10-12 best images and present them in the portfolio briefcase.
    • Another is your online portfolio. In this portfolio, you can show extensively showoff your talent. A substantial collection always compels casting agents to ponder on you. It continues to evolve as you grasp from experience.  

    Go Friendly with Camera

    • Headshot

    Begin your modeling career with a hero-worship headshot. The headshot can be from waist-up or just head and shoulders. There needs to be a natural state of your picture – in a simple makeup, minimum jewelry, and simple hairstyle. If you have facial hair, take a groomed headshot. It doesn’t matter your shot is either serious or smiling, give the best of your face and make it the first portfolio image.

    • Full body shot

    Afterward, take a full body shot. It’s simple than the former one. In full body shot, you have to be selective for wardrobe. Usually, models prefer simple attire. The best one is to wear a white fitted shirt or tank top and a tailored trouser or a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Jackets or long-skirts are added layer on your body, and your casting agent doesn’t need it. For footwear, go for casual dress shoes instead of heels. Keep it classic and simple.

    • Swimwear shot

    You may also have to add a swimwear shot in your portfolio. Many casting agents are against this idea, but you never know which casting agent may bump to you. Consider it as a uniform and take a shot. For commercial modeling, it will help the casting agent to choose you for playful or fierce modeling.

    Editorial Work

    For some fun, you need to bring versatility to your portfolio. In this context, you need a theme, take a look, and collaborate with any team if the idea is not striking your mind.

    Commercial modeling is the most difficult to get across in your portfolio. Take your photographer to any food stall and ask them to take your photos while you’re enjoying food. Use your backpack or purse as the pivotal point in the shot. See the magazine ads, and copy them. Commercial modeling print is the most difficult to sell. However, when you do phenomenally well, and the product is sold. It enhances your modeling abilities.

    In the end, you need a tear sheet – it’s a page torn out of a publication where you have been featured. For your digital portfolio, ask the magazine to provide you the links. If you add tear sheets in your collection, make sure all the edges are nicely cut and protected with a plastic sheet. Don’t leave a wrong impression on the casting agent.

    These are the ‘musts’ to become a model. Now you have a full collection to show any casting agent and get yourself signed by any brand.     

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