SEO for Small Business – The Best Strategies to Use During the Pandemic

    Small businesses are some of the hardest-hit entities by the pandemic. They are dealing with an abrupt loss of income, uncertain prospects, and long-term financial repercussions. It is tempting to let important aspects of business like marketing slide during this trying time but experts are urging business owners to keep at it. Strategies like SEO, social media engagement and content creation can help your business weather this storm.

    Needless to say, your SEO strategy needs to change a little to yield good results. In this article, we discuss a few tips that can help you establish a strong presence despite the pandemic:

    1. Maintain Consistency in SEO

    SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that requires consistency. Internet is such a mobile landscape that you can easily lose your top position if you’re not careful. For example, a few weeks of lax SEO will allow competitors to surpass your position and claim the first spot. Maintain a consistent SEO strategy and make sure your website remains dynamic during this time.

    2. Create Specific Content

    You need to create specific content relevant to the current situation and your industry. People are spending more time online and are more likely to read your content now. Why not take advantage of this and create something informative? You can look for topics at social media, question/answer platforms like Quora, etc. Here are some examples to consider:

    • A restaurant can create posts describing their safety and hygiene strategy.
    • Travel agents can offer advice on how to travel safely.
    • Contractors and independent professionals can post content on what kind of precautions they take while on site.
    • Clothing retails can offer general tips and tricks, including how to turn old clothes into masks.

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to content related to the current situation. People who are seeking this kind of information will find your website and Google will consider your platform active if you keep publishing.

    3. Target the Right Keywords

    Target the right keywords like you’re targeting the right topics. Mention the virus, pandemic, recession, and other such world-wide concerns in your content. That will draw traffic and help you rank high on SERPs.

    The combination of right keywords and the right type of content can help you gain a strong foothold online even in these uncertain times.

    4. Public Well-Researched Long-Form Content

    Public content that is relevant to your industry but also beyond the pandemic. For example, this is an ideal time to post a long, 3,000-word piece on industry practices that promote safety and employee welfare. A well-written content on such an important topic will garner attention and help you improve your brand reputation significantly.

    Long-form content should always have the most current information and provide something of value. You can’t just create repetitive pieces with information copied from other places. Conduct in-depth research to make sure the post is meaningful. People have more time on their hands and are willing to focus on important topics; take advantage of this through a sound marketing strategy.

    5. Check Your Map Listing

    Check and optimize your Map listing to make sure the information on it is accurate. If you haven’t done this already, log onto Google My Business through your company’s Google account and mark your location on the Map. Make sure the information like name, address, phone number, working hours, etc, are accurate.

    If you don’t enter working hours, Google may mark the business as temporarily closed because of the pandemic situation. Be sure to double-check this so that the listing isn’t misleading prospective customers.

    This is a good time to establish an online presence if you don’t have one. Hire a qualified web designer to create a website and a basic foundation for your business online.

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