Popular Hairstyle and Beard style in 2020

    Men’s haircut and beard trends are as fashionable as women. They have evolved with time. Each year you will find different hairstyle and beard style trending – bringing various innovation to the world of men’s hair salon.

    Most importantly, choosing from this variety of styles is quite challenging, but you may make a quick decision if you’re aware of the fresh trends.


    Today, we will find out different hairstyles and beard styles trending in 2020. So, let’s begin with the haircut.

    • Buzz Cut

    It’s one of the popular haircuts amidst the new generation nowadays. Although the hairstyle is effortless, but gives versatile appearance overall to your face, undoubtedly. The simplicity of the hair makes it timeless, distinctive, and suitable for the youth to carry.

    A buzz cut is a short length hairstyle with a unique design, fading hair from the side, and giving phenomenal appearance.

    • Fade Haircut

    The fade cut is enormously acknowledged for the men interested in the short haircut. There are different types of fade hairstyles. There is the best haircut and shave near me that is specialized in a different kind of fading hair.

    1. High Fade – if you are the person who believes in uniqueness and individuality in the crowd, a top fade hairstyle is recommended to you. It’s the best haircut with a combination of short hair and concise hair. The haircut gives a contrasting look to your head. With the top of your head with hairs, whereas sideways have little hairs.
    2. Low Fade – it also goes phenomenally well, but it’s a conservative haircut. It’s for the men who don’t believe in uniqueness and individuality in the crowd. They want to look neat and stylish. In low fade style, the transition of short hairs and very short hairs is not evident and goes perfect on a lot of people.
    3. Mid Fade – lastly, it’s the terrific option if you want a middle cut between high Fade and low Fade. Few people wish to a haircut in between the transition. It creates a striking balance of both the fade haircut. The texture is lovely, and people look tidy in a mid fade haircut.
    4. High and Tight Cut

    Many of the men are now tilting towards short haircuts, including myself. It’s a short haircut style and stresses on masculinity. It’s similar to the military hair, but its one of the most popular hairstyles in married men as they usually incline sober hairstyles. The textured is recommended on the shave sides to give a neat and stylish look.

    • Crew Haircut

    This popular haircut has been trending for over a century and a useful purpose. A crew cut is a hairstyle that every kid has tried in their younger times. It never goes out of fashion because of the sobriety reflected in the hairstyle.

    In crew cut, your hairs have a longer top that is paired with the side-parted and sleek haircut of your sideways. The style is beyond a profession, and you may keep either you’re a businessman or a DJ.

    Beard Styles

    As mentioned earlier, beard styles are also evolving with time. Many styles have come and gone. It’s not necessary the beard styles that were famous last are going to trend this year.

    The beard trend is very difficult. In fact, it isn’t easy to maintain than your hairstyle. There are various reasons for that. Now, we will share different beard styles trending this year:

    • Stubble

    Amidst all the beard style, it’s the most famous in 2020. Stubble is perhaps requiring the least effort in the making. It has always remained in and out of fashion for the past few decades. Guys who love to make a statement must go for stubble as it gives excellent vibes. It was once famous amidst the young blood who were lazy to shave regularly.

    Today it has become the most popular beard style. Many men are found saying that stubble helped them to gain confidence in themselves. Usually, men who have a babyface keep stubble to bring maturity and gentlemen appearance. Men who are struggling through acne and pigmentation may keep stubble to hide all the marks.

    • Bandholz Beard.

    Another unique beard style – high five to the Bandholz. This style is listed in the top trends of 2020. The reason this style is named Bandholz is that Eric Bandolz created and popularized. Initially, he received many pessimistic comments on his beard, but today beard product company takes models with this beard style.

    It’s not the easiest beard style because it requires a lot of care and maintenance. You have to wait for the beard to grow adequately, then apply beard oil to avoid dryness or hair fall. It will suit the most to the men with pointed chin or triangle face cut.

    • Friendly Mutton Chops

    You must be worried to hear: is that beard style or food dish? Yes, it’s a beard style fella! Another addition to the trend, it has done well on Red Carpets. Many actors and models are found with a friendly mutton chop beard style. Perhaps credit goes to Wolverine for reviving the style in our life. It’s a unique beard style.

    It’s not difficult to keep friendly mutton chops. All you have to do is let the beard grow. Shave your upper lips and your chin. That’s all it is in a friendly mutton chop. Men look fluffier in this style, as sideburns also grow. All the men with circular and square face cuts will suit them best.

    • Goatee

    It was also a fashion of late 90s, and it has arrived back. It’s a classy beard style and unique at the same time because your beard is shaved except for the mustache and chin part. You look like a superstar in the Goatee. Usually, athletes and musicians have this beard style.

    Besides, people with less beard may also go for this option because the side beard is removed, and only center part of your beard is left. So, it’s perfect for the men with angular or slim faces.

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    Juan Brown is running one of the best shops in haircuts and shaves near me. Brown has been styling many famous actors and models of Hollywood.

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