Most Popular Ways of Making Money on the Internet

    In the article, I shared with you where to find your niche, how to check if the niche you pick has any money there to be made, build your information site, how to promote your site, and how to monitor the traffic coming to your site using Google Analytics.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a website or not, there are ways for you to earn money on the Internet. In this article, I will share with you some of the most popular ways of making money on the Internet with or without a website.

    Let’s start with an easy one… “ways of making money on the Internet without a website”.

    Squidoo & Article Marketing

    For those who don’t know Squidoo, it’s basically a high-traffic and high-authority website with thousands and thousands of web pages (Squidoo calls a web page as a lens) on all kind of topics that you can imagine. Everyone can create a lens or lenses and it’s FREE! All you need to do is to go to and sign up.

    If you’re a newbie, go and download this FREE Squidoo Guide. It will walk you through step-by-step how to create a new Squidoo account and lenses.

    WARNING: Once you know how to create a Squidoo lens, you can get hooked!

    Here are two examples of my Squidoo lenses: “Honest CopyNProfit Review With Test Result” and “How To Earn Extra Income Online“.

    Now, let’s talk about Article Marketing.

    Essentially, it’s about writing a 300-500 words article that are related to your topic and submit it to a few article directories like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, ArticleDashBoard, Buzzle and HubPages. There are many more but these 6 sites are the best ones.

    You can write and submit unlimited number of articles to these sites and they’re all FREE! These are all high-traffic and high-authority sites, writing and submitting articles to these sites on a regular basis can help generate tons of targeted traffic to your site (or in this case your Squidoo lenses).

    How To Do It:

    • Pick a topic that has affiliate programs that you can join and promote the products.
    • Create a couple of Squidoo lenses with useful information related to your topic, the info doesn’t need to be too long, a 300 words article per lens is good enough.
    • Now, modify the articles you submitted to your Squidoo lenses (make them at least 50% different).
    • Submit the modified articles to the 5 article directories mentioned above. Make sure you put a link in your author’s resource box that’s pointing back to your Squidoo lens.

    If you have a website, here are the two most popular ways of making money on the Internet with your website:

    Place Adsense ad on your website. It’s very easy to do… just go to and sign up. Choose the format of the ad you want to place and Google will give you a code that you can easily paste it on your website. The code will automatically display ads that are related to the content in your website or blog.

    Affiliate Marketing

    In essence, affiliate marketing is about promoting and selling other people products as an affiliate. It’s a profit sharing model where the product producers will share the revenue with you. You can easily find many affiliate products to promote by going to,, and

    NOTE: You can promote affiliate products with Squidoo (the free website) or your own website or BOTH. If you’re new, start with Squidoo first but don’t stop here. Once you’ve gain some confidence creating lenses, why not create your own website as well? It’s not that difficult. The more web pages, lenses and articles you publish on the Internet, the higher your chance to make more money.

    I did not mention about Squidoo. In this short post, I will briefly talk about Squidoo and tell you why you should use it.

    Squidoo is a high-traffic and high-authority website which has thousands of web pages (Squidoo refers pages as lenses) about any topic you can imagine. Anyone can make a lens or as many as they like for FREE!

    I’m not going to teach you how to create Squidoo lens here as I have found a FREE Squidoo Guide that can teach you how to do that much better than me, and you can download it for free (just click on the above hyperlink).

    You see one of my Squidoo lenses “How To Earn Extra Income Online” as an example. I created this lens last year and it still brings me some money every now and then. I did spend few hours writing the article and created the lens… but it’s well worth the effort!

    Here the reasons WHY you should use Squidoo….

    1. It’s one of the best FREE sites that allow you to make money online without spending money. All you need is a free email address and then create your Squidoo’s account.

    2. It shares its advertising revenue with you. The advertising revenue mostly comes from Adsense ads. When you create a lens, related ads are automatically placed on it. When people visit your lens and click on the Adsense ads, Squidoo will share the income with you. So make sure you have a PayPal account because Squidoo pays you through PayPal.

    3. Google loves Squidoo. If you create lenses targeting on long-tail keywords, your lenses can gain top spot on Google’s search result.

    4. It comes integrated with a cool traffic stats. You will be able to see how many people visit your lens, where do your visitors come from and what keywords do they use to find your lens (see the screenshot below).

    squidoo traffic stats

    To sum up, Squidoo is a great website for those who want to make money online without spending money. If you’re currently running a brick and mortal (traditional) business, go and create a Squidoo Account and start building lenses to share and promote your business online. Many people have been doing that. You’re going to miss out if you don’t.

    Hope you find this article useful!

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