Most Favorite Cake Ideas That Make Your Guest Happy

    I love eating cake. We all are waiting for the celebration time to eat cake. It is the first sweet that is use to celebrate the moment. Previously people were celebrating the happy times with sweet bread. Then the cake concept comes in mind to celebrate the special moment of life. From simple vanilla flavor to fruit cake, dried nuts cake there are too many unique cake flavor available in cake to delight the sweet buds. If you have hosted a party at home and you want to make your guest party, full their appetite with favorite flavor. here are some of the signature cake flavors that guests will remember forever.

    1. Red velvet cake

    Somewhat you can say it is moist, rich dark chocolate cake. Red velvet cake is not as bitter as dark cocoa tastes. The sugar, butter, strawberry syrup and cocoa powder balance the taste. it is neither sweet neither bitter. This has a light and fluffy texture decorated with crème cheese frosting. The blood red side of center is made with red dye. You can also add some raspberry syrup but red dye is use to give some definite color to cake. Mostly this cake is called to celebrate the romantic celebrations. So, if you are celebrating wedding anniversary or any couple celebration you can choose to celebrate it with red velvet cake in Germany.

    2. Lemon and Rose Cake

    Lemon and rose is a great pairing for the guests who love different pairings. Lemon zest has a special aroma that attracts the guests to eat it faster. On the other hand, decoration of live roses on the top makes this cake a unique and classy cake. it’s a perfect cake for celebrating wedding, baby shower and order birthday cake delivery. I ensure that guests would definitely adore your fusion. The three-tier cake is made with citrus flavor and rose water is sprinkled around to allure the guests. Then the rose decoration on the top really gives a classy look to your cake.

    3. Mint Chocolate Cake

    mint and chocolate both are the staple ingredients that enhance the taste buds. Mint has a refreshing cooling feel while chocolate has a rich sweet taste. it is a divine cake meant for mint lovers. This dreamy cake three layers have mint flavor and then garnished with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips on the top. The mint leaves on the top spreads refreshing aroma that fascinates the guest to eat it faster.

    4. Pink Champagne Cake

    This cake is specially customized for young adults. if you are hosting a music party or festival party at home the pink champagne cake help in making the mood for party. You can show your luxury by taking this royal cake to your lavish wedding. Champagne gives you a reason to celebrate the moment. Pink champagne cake has a white buttercream frosting on top. Bakers in Germany have their own technique to infuse some more flavor to cake.

    5. Guava Cake

    if you have not tried yet you must choose to celebrate the occasion via this classic Hawaiian dessert. Guava nectar and pulp is use to make this rich, creamy and delicious cake. Guava is not so sweet but it has a balanced sweetness. And for this reason, send cake online is considered as a healthy gift for BP and Diabetic people. Guava cake is then garnished with buttercream frosting. This cake really tastes delicious; at least once you should give it a try. For sure your guests would appreciate your effort of giving something new as a dessert.

    6. Chocolate Coconut Cake

    Exclusively it is made for the coconut and chocolate lovers. The combination really looks good and tastes good. Here you need to add the flavor of coconut milk instead using real milk. Coconut milk is healthy and it really gives a nice and smooth texture to cake. The cake is then glazed with chocolate syrup on the top. And then decorate the top layer with coconut shredding. Seriously it gives cake a supreme flavor that guests would remember for the years to come.

    7. Cookies & Cream cake

    When you try Oreo cookies you feel that the layer should be moist like cake. Cookies and crème cake have the same feel. Cookies are nicely crushed in the crème to make a beautiful crème filled pastry. Then this cake is garnished with lots of cookies on the sides. you can use your favorite flavored cookies and then combine them in the buttercream frosting. Mostly kids love this type of cake. But you can choose to make it for adult party too. Cookies and crème cake should be served chilled so keep it in a fridge before you serve.

    These are some popular birthday cake flavor help in making your party a memorable occasion of life. here I give some fancy and modern pairings of cake that delights the mood of guests invited in party. Be it to celebrate baby shower, memorable wedding, engagement ceremony, grad ceremony or in festival. All cakes are health friendly and price friendly. You can choose to buy it online or make it at home, choice is yours. I think order cake online is better choice to give perfect treat to invited guests. hope you like this article, thank you for reading this article.

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