Jagaan Manga Characters (Updated Guide)

    Jagaan manga is a supernatural horror-action manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro. It was further illustrated by Kensuke Nishida. The very first edition of Jagaan manga was released on February 6, 2017, and it has a total no. of 126 chapters compiled in 11 volumes. Jagaan manga grew popular among teenagers very soon, and the characters of Jagaan manga became special for them. This article is all about Jagaan manga and its major characters in a nutshell, or you could say that this article is a Jagaan manga wiki.

    Jagaan Manga Synopsis

    Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a police officer in the area, lives with his girlfriend. His boring job is slowly killing him. It seems he’ll soon marry his girlfriend and will live a dull life with a nuclear family. This is the most dreadful future for a man like Shintarou Jagasaki who is a man with peculiar dreams.

    A strange beast appears one day on the train and it is Jagasaki’s job to repair it, but before he could finish the job, he gets to know that his right hand can be now turned into a kind of gun. When arriving at his girlfriend’s house, he learns that she was also transformed and compelled to kill her; he discovers that the things that transformed her and the people he killed are called frenzied frogs. 

    It is the fate of Jagasaki to track down and kill all the broken human beings who gather all the frogs to give him a single desire. So, will Jagasaki be able to save the city that he always wished to cease, with the job that he always abhorred?

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    Jagaan Manga Publication

    Jagaan manga 1 was published on May 30, 2017. In November 2020, the manga Jagaan author announced that the Jagaan’s story has almost reached its conclusion. Since Jagaan 1 manga, its eleven volumes are released with 126 chapters. 

    Jagaan Manga Reddit

    Jagaan manga is very famous on the Reddit platform. There are various Reddit moderators and pages completely dedicated to the fandom of this manga. Most of the Jagaan manga Reddit pages post random snaps from the original manga series. 

    Although there is a vast number of other Jagaan manga Reddit pages where users describe what they like in this manga series, and they try to seek out the hidden philosophy for getting to know their favorite character in a much enlightening manner. 

    Jagaan Manga Wiki Of The Characters

    The following characters are the most talked about in the Jagaan manga series:

    1. Shintarou Jagasaki: The Main Character Of Jagaan Manga

    The main protagonist of Jagaaaaan Manga is Shintarou Jagasaki. He works in Buppa City Police as a night patrol officer who one day became the Jagaaaaan Human Warrior who was bitten by a tadpole. He acquires the power to transform his right arm into the “Jagan arm” and meet his partner, the Roving Owl Doku.

    1. Clarabelle Kawamoto: Female Protagonist Of Jagaan Manga

    Clarabelle Kawamoto is the female lead protagonist of the Jagaan manga. She works in Buppa City Police and is the love interest of her senior Shintarou Jagasaki (also the male protagonist of Jagaan manga). Her post is of a junior police officer and she is quite angry and tensed at the beginning of the series but becomes caring and compassionate afterward.

    1. Motomu Robahata: Minor Villain Of Jagaan Manga

    Motomu Robahata was an ex-peep photographer who was living his life with a hell of lucid adrenaline pumping through his veins. One day, he gets infected by a frenzied frog and becomes a half fractured human. This transformation gave him an aphrodisiac tongue. 

    1. Chiharu Matsuyamachi: Most Powerful Fractured Human Of Jagaan Manga

    Chiharu Matsuyamachi is the most potent fractured human being of Jagaan manga. He was infected by a frenzied tadpole and became a fractured warrior. His major power is in growing and manipulating wood. He is usually illustrated as a person wearing nothing except the wood that he grew using his powers.

    1. Mikazuchi Takemitsu: Coolest Character In Jagaan Manga

    The coolest character with the hottest and most complex mind; that’s how you describe Mikazuchi who is also the chief of the “Special Kajin Analysis Team”. Mikazuchi Takemitsu underwent a massive amount of mental and physical training to handle even the most stressful situations. 

    Is Jagaan Manga Canceled?

    Many people are still confused that whether Jagaan manga canceled its further publication or there is yet a lot to come. The manga Jagaan author revealed that the manga is in its final phases. We can say that the Jagaan manga strip is going to conclude soon but few volumes will get published before it gets concluded. 

    Where To Read Jagaan Manga?

    There are many sites where you could read or download the volumes of Jagaan manga. A few of the safest sites are:


    These sites will provide you with an interface where you could read Jagaan manga for free.

    Before We Go

    As we have seen that Jagaan manga is coming to its final parts and the hardcore fans of this manga fans will surely miss it. The good news is that there are many alternatives and similar stories like Jagaan manga in the world of Japanese comics fiction. One similar title is Tokyo Ghoul, and it has been adapted into a full-fledged anime series. You can watch this brilliant anime on many free-streaming sites. 

    Mangastream was one such site where you could replenish the thirst for reading manga and watching anime, but it was shut down. However, there are many alternatives to Mangastream where you can watch Tokyo Ghoul for free and miss Jagaan manga a little lesser after the story finally gets concluded.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What happened to jagaan manga?

    The manga Jagaan author announced that the story in its final phase; meaning that soon this manga strip will come to an end. 

    • How do you draw cartoon manga characters?

    There are many free to use tools like Blender and Illustrator where you could draw and animate manga characters.  

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