Is it Worth It to Hire Instagram Influences for Your Brand Awareness Campaign?

    Influencer marketing is an effective strategy in the world of marketing, counted as one of the worthiest planning, and aids in raising awareness among the targeted audience.

    One of the reports published by Forbes revealed that influencer marketing is growing faster than digital ads. Moreover, another fact was stated that 81 percent of marketers who hired influencers for brand campaigns, 51 percent said it outperforms SEO optimized content crafted by the brand.

    The concept behind the hiring of influencers for brand awareness campaigns is simple. All you have to do is to hire an influencer, who speaks positively about your service or product to convince their followers. If done right, it will result in increased brand awareness and boosted sales.

    The fact that Instagram acquired the highest ROI, grabbed by most of the business owners. And therefore, to boost their sales, they appoint influencers. It is an active tactic and generating new leads for your sales with better content optimization, and is accessible on Conexa.

    Benefits of Hiring Influencers on Instagram

    Here is a rundown of the benefits related to hiring influencers for your Brand Awareness Campaign.

    1. The instant building of trust:

    The influencers have already built a relationship among their followers, based on trust, confidence, and credibility. People value their opinions towards recommendations and content. If you are sharing SEO optimized content of an influencer, they will instantly share yours. Thus, it will result in putting your message towards their actively engaged audience.

    2. Optimize brand awareness:

    As stated before, influencers marketing can expand your reach and position in the market place. The users will get to know about your brand, success story, who you are, and the solution you have come up with. The contributions offered by influencers related to brand awareness are some of the most powerful benefits of social media marketing.

    The perfect key to maximizing influencer strategy is making sure that you are providing SEO optimized content, which is valuable and adds effectiveness on both sides.

    3. Reaches your target audience:

    One cannot overlook the importance of this benefit. The relevant influencers place your content optimization in front of social media users who are invested in your niche. An additional budget for testing services or product isn’t required because the influencer has already established a place for themselves a long time ago.

    In a study conducted in 2016, around 40 percent of correspondents stated that they purchased after observing social media blogger use their service. Years later, the numbers have grown as social media has now taken the world.

    4. Access to a variety of consumers:

    The TV has left behind ages ago, particularly for the younger generation. Therefore, it has increasingly favored and contributed to the popularity of digital media. Thus, it is the reason influencer marketing is considered a mandatory channel to reach Millennials and Gen Zers.

    The consumers from this age range bring immense value to their brands.

    5. Influencers are trendsetters:

    Influencers are go-to sources of information, as they connect to new products within the industry. The follower’s exhibits respect to the influencers and idolize their opinion.

    Several times business owners send their products to influencers before they are made available to the market and the public. When tested positively, they drop reviews that make the public awaited. They placed your product or service in the spotlight of a fresh and emerging trend around your brand.

    6. Manage the brand’s reputation:

    It does not matter whether the review is positive or negative, what matters is the social media presence. But, when the organization shifts on developing an active social listening plan, it tracks about the conservations, when and where they are happening.

    Moreover, what is you are listening to negative reviews about your brand. The influencers will assist you in removing the tarnished image of your brand and will share your side of the story. They address the issue in public, and you assert a sense of control over your brand voice in the market.

    Why Getting Real Instagram Followers Matters

    The fact that Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms also means that you can come across some very bad behavior online. With regular high-quality content and by dedicating several minutes a day to others, you can attract quite a following, without attracting any bad behavior. Be thoughtful of others and they will reciprocate.

    If anyone is bad, just be nice and move away from their bad behavior. Your brand image online matters. This is why you need to engage genuine people.

    You can also consider being active in a community online. How to do this? By scrolling through the numerous images shared on Instagram by others, and liking them. Engage people on topics you think are worth talking about and related to your niche. The more you are active, the more people will talk to you.

    Monitor Your Progress on Instagram

    One way to make sure that you are successful in finding followers is by measuring your success on Instagram. This information is available in the insights. Some metrics to focus on include:

    • Unique visitors going to your website via Instagram
    • How many followers did you gain?
    • The engagement generated (which hashtags are attracting people)

    Tips for Using Hashtags

    Here are some very useful tips no one will share with you when it comes to Hashtags.

    Use only those hashtags that are relevant to your business. General hashtags will be too broad and the right people will not notice your business. Hashtags help target relevant audiences.

    You can use between 5-15 hashtags to stand out from the crowd. Hashtags on Instagram also use geolocation features. So, you may add your location to the hashtags you use.

    One very important thing to keep in mind is that success does not happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of effort. However, with persistence and dedication, you can gain real followers and reap long-term benefits.

    In Conclusion:

    Influencer marketing is indeed a beneficial strategy for a startup or struggling brand. With a clear understanding of influencer marketing and how to make money on Instagram, you can accelerate your goals, which, in turn, will result in increased sales.

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