Introduction to the basic knowledge of Color Masterbatch

    The color masterbatch is also known as the color concentrate. It is categorized as the granules which are required for the coloring of thermoplastic. In addition to that, these kinds of colors include either one or more than one colorant, and polymer specific carries resin. Moreover, this is also named pigment preparation. 

    It is a composition of three major elements that are dyes, additives, and carriers. There are several reasons to consider the color masterbatch. Here is the list of some reasons behind using the color masterbatch.

    • Making the pigments leads to the supreme quality of dispersibility in the products. 
    • The use of color masterbatch leads to the surety about the stability of product color. 
    • It is best from the point of view of health. It is not like a powder that flies, and the operator inhales it. So, there is no health hazard associated with the usage of color masterbatch.
    • Usage of these kinds of masterbatch keeps the environment clean.

    Due to these reasons, the demand for color masterbatches is increasing day by day. In addition to that, there are basic ingredients required in the color masterbatch. Here is the list of ingredients. 

    • Pigments or dyes

    It is divided into two major categories that are organic pigment and inorganic pigment. It is also the most important ingredient of color masterbatches.

    • Carrier 

    It is considered as the matrix of a masterbatch which is also required in the productions of masterbatch.

    • Dispersant 

    It is useful in promoting the uniform dispersion of pigment. It does not require agglomerate and so on. One of the most common dispersants is polyethylene low molecular wax.  

    • Additives 

    Color masterbatch does not have flame retardant, brightening, anti-static, anti-oxidation, and so on. 

    This is the list of some basic ingredients which are used in these sorts of masterbatches. 

    In the end, there are several benefits of which are associated with the color masterbatchWith the number of benefits, masses give preference to these kinds of masterbatches. The provider will provide you the color masterbatch according to your requirements.    


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