Importance of Hatha Yoga and its 7 parts

    Yoga has great importance. No one will be unaware of the benefits of this. Yoga not only provides strength to the body but also helps in getting rid of many diseases. Looking at the benefits of yoga, it is being adopted not only in India but also abroad.

    There are many easy things under yoga. One of this yoga is Hatha Yoga. By doing Hatha Yoga regularly, health improves, and mental peace is attained. Even by doing this yoga, you also get success in doing other yoga activities.

    Hatha yoga is the most practiced yoga by yogis to improve physical and mental development. It is one of the oldest systems in the world.

    By doing this yoga, the spinal cord becomes flexible, improves blood circulation, excretion of impurities, etc. Come, know about Hatha Yoga in Hindi, many other facts about Hatha Yoga. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher and start your own yoga studio then you can join an online yoga teacher training course to get certified and start your new career.


    Learn what is this hatha yoga and what are its benefits

    Hatha means force. That is why some people think that hatha yoga is a compelling yoga. That is, when there is absolutely no mind to do yoga, then do yoga. But this is not the case at all. This yoga also gives its benefit only by doing it wholeheartedly. When yoga is combined with Hatha, it means spiritual.

    Hatha consists of two words ‘ha’ and ‘th’. ‘H’ means ‘Sun’ and ‘Th’ means ‘Moon’. But hatha yoga is a combination or integration of these two. In our Hindu culture, it is believed that Lord Shiva himself has given this yoga.

    This yoga is going to develop infinite powers hidden in mind and soul. Yogis, jobbers, even people living in household life can adopt it and get its benefits. The seven parts of this yoga are described such as hetkarma, asana, mudra, pratyahara, pranayama, meditation, and samadhi.


    Shatkarma means six deeds. There are six verbs described in Shatkarma Hatha Yoga. These asanas increase strength in our bodies. These include happiness and peace in us, under hatkarma, neti, dhoti, nauli,

    There are also two types of neti – Jalnetti and Sutarnetti

    Whereas Dhoti is divided into twelve types – Vatsar Dhoti, Warisar Dhoti, Bahivsar Dhoti, Excluded Dhoti, Dant Mool Dhoti, Jivhamool Dhoti, Karnaandhra Dhoti, Kapal Randhra Dhoti, Dand Dhoti, Vaman Dhoti, Vastra Dhoti, and Moolashodhan Dhoti.


    The appropriate posture is the one in which you can sit comfortably and steadily. But in the Hatha Yoga, asana has been described from a lot. These are done for easy health benefits and relief from physical ailments. By the practice of Asano, the body becomes strong, light, and agile. By doing this, many disorders are destroyed by the body. With the practice of Hatha Yoga rugs.


    The area of Pranayama is very vast. Pranayama means control over life. Pranayama is considered the only means for Kundalini Jagruti in Hatha Yoga. Many people also know it by the name of “Kumbhak”. This exercise is necessary to gain control over the mind and senses. The attainment of pranayama leads to pratyahara and the body becomes inundated with energy and new energy.


    Like posture and pranayama in Hatha Yoga, posture is also an instrument of Kundalini Jagruti. This simply helps to combine your mind with the soul. Mudra should be practiced only in the presence of a qualified guide. Apart from this, both asana and pranayama should enter the mudra only after the completion of the actions.


    As we all know that our eyes are able to see, smell the nose, hear the ears, and feel the touch of the skin and the tongue gives us the taste. But do you know that in reality, the mind wants to see them sitting, not the eyes?

    In pratyahara, we practice our senses. And they are used only when they are needed. We keep them as calm as possible. In Pratyahara, we have to cultivate the mind. In this, we start becoming the master of the senses.


    Asanas used for meditation are called meditation. Peace of mind, besides incorporating and harmonizing the powers in the body and these asanas are beneficial in filling with supernatural bliss. With these, you can practice meditation, Dharana, and samadhi in a smooth manner.


    In today’s time, every person is eager for happiness and peace. Therefore, the sage monks have discovered such a spirituality through which a person can experience happiness, which never ends. The same principle is stated in samadhi. But hard work is necessary to attain samadhi.

    In today’s article, you have learned how to do Hatha Yoga. In addition, it is divided into 7 limbs, the practice of which brings peace to the mind and the practice of all these limbs leads to complete hatha yoga. There is no problem that cannot be overcome by doing this yoga because many different types of yoga asanas are practiced in this yoga and along with this, pranayama and mudras are also practiced. Because of this, it is beneficial for the whole body, which gives you relief from all kinds of problems. Do all these asanas carefully and keep your focus. If you want to learn more about hatha yoga and gain all the benefits that it has to offer then you can check out Yogtravel and book one of the top yoga courses available from all over the world.

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