ICC launched Super League qualification pathway for 2023 ODI World cup in India

    So here’s where the exciting journey of cricket fans begins. The International Cricket Council (ICC)  announced the date of the Men’s cricket world cup 2023 according to the latest sports news. What can be more overwhelming than this in such tedious times?

    As the general manager of cricket operations, ICC Geoff Allardice said: This super league is going to give cricket fans all over the world a motive to watch as it is going to be thrilling.

    Due to this pandemic, the world cup has been remitted to the end of 2023. This delay will grant more time to ICC for scheduling games that were missed out. The wholeness of the qualification process will be maintained as games will be played on the field, which is necessary.

    Here’s all you need to know about the super league and 2023 world cup

    The super league commenced on 30th July. England played against Ireland for the first three ODIs at The Ageas Bowl, Southampton. The 2019 world cup champions are carrying on their win series here as well. England has won two out of three ODIs so far, which were played on 30th July and 1st August. However, Ireland did win the last game on 4th August.

    The results of the games that took place so far are,

    1st ODI: Eng won by six wickets

         England 174/4 (27.5 overs)

         Ireland 174 (44.4 overs)

     2nd ODI: Eng won by four wickets

        England 216/6 (32.3 overs)

        Ireland 212/9 (50 overs)

    3rd ODI: Ire won by seven wickets

        England 328 (49.5 overs)

        Ireland 329/3 (49.5 overs)

    As of now, based on these games, England stands with 20 points in their pocket with a +1.749 NRR, whereas Ireland captain Andrew Balbirnie has managed to gain 10 points for his team by winning the last game and they stand on the table with a -1.749 NRR.

    As yet, only three matches have been conducted. Upcoming fixtures are yet to be disclosed and are awaited by us all.

    Which Teams Will Participate?

    In total, 13 teams will be participating in ICC men’s Cricket World Cup tournament; according to ICC, the host will be already qualified. As 12 teams we know, the full members of ICC and the 13th team is Netherland, who won the 2015-17 ICC world cup league.

    What to Expect?

    The tournament will be exciting, although it has started on 30th July. It will be a 50 over the match as usual, but now the host has changed. This time India will host the ICC world cup in 2023. As usual, teams will play four matches at their home ground and four away games.

    We expect a change in team players for most teams, as the 5-year gap can make massive changes. Each team will have a new jersey for sure in 2023. Let’s see what rules teams will have to follow for their jersey.

    ICC announced that front-foot no-balls for all the matches in the world cup super league would be examined with the use of technology.

    Sponsors play an important role, so we can expect tons of sponsors, and also we may witness new sponsors.

    What type of Format?

    Players will play with the same format as of now; there are chances for change of a couple of basic rules because who knows its yet three years for finals. For now, players will have 50 over Format, and four home and four away matches, teams will have a series of matches with eight of teams out of twelve.

    The tournament will be based on point systems. The team which will win the match will have 10 points in their pockets if the match is tied or abandoned both teams will gain 5 points each. The losing team will have null points.

    Qualification Process

    As the Format of the world cup is in the point system, so only eight teams will be qualified for the world cup. According to ICC, the host team is already qualified, so the competition is for the remaining seven places. The top 7 teams on the table will be eligible for the world cup, while others will play Qualifiers, and only a couple of them will have the opportunity to play in the world cup.

    This all information is just analyzed and is expected to be; still, we have three years for finals. Rules may differ.

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