HRIS Software: How To Encourage Employees After Setbacks

    Employees are the most crucial part of every organization. From joining to recruitment, they stay with the company and go the extra mile to obtain great revenue. But there are times when the same individuals who put their best foot forward struggle to be their most productive selves. 

    It’s no news that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the workplace in ways we never imagined. From team meetings to performance reviews for employees, the normal routine processes have acutely changed over the last couple of months. With work from home becoming the new normal, employees are finding it difficult to adjust to the new realities at work. Lately, a large number of employees have even reported stress, anxiety, and lack of motivation due to the changes. If employers/HR managers fail to address these problems, they are bound to create productivity disasters for firms in the long run. 

    So, it is the primary duty of every HR professional to support his/her team and help them to acquire mental wellbeing. To begin with, the manager can try to initiate a conversation to figure out what is hampering their productivity. To make this whole process easier, companies can implement HRIS software as well. Need to mention, the human resources information system is taking over the business world today as it: 

    • Improves collaboration
    • Increases transparency & self-dependency 
    • Enhances feedback 
    • Promotes robust communication 
    •  and more… 

    If a company has such software in place, employees will never feel disengaged/demotivated in the first place. Also, in time like this, HR managers should know beforehand how to handle unproductive employees. So, here is a small guide to support such people: 

    • Take a Step 

    Everything starts with an initiative! Having said that, HRs should never wait for the employees to come forward and discuss the problem. As soon as one notices a negative behavioral change or drop in productivity in an employee, the first thing every HR should do is talk! 

    HROne is a top-notch HRIS software India has. It allows managers to send a message, chat, and thereby analyze the actual issues faced by employees. This way, employees feel considered and relieved to an extent. And if the employee did not open up much in the chat, do not hesitate to schedule a virtual one-on-one meeting. 

    • One-on-One Meeting

    Using HRIS software, HRs can raise a request for one-on-one meetings. Before the meeting, managers should clearly know what to talk about, how to speak, and everything that will help employees to feel light and open up about the problem.  Just warm up all your soft skills!!! 

    Once the employee speaks up, HR should find a solution next. From encouraging them through strong words to referring them to counselors, they can help employees in different ways depending on the seriousness of the whole issue.

    • Analyze Their Improvement 

    The next step is to map their improvement. HRs should be prepared for both positive and negative outcomes. Here, HRIS software can help. 

    For instance, if the problematic employees are doing well and delivering excellent results, HRs can send an achievement-based message or give them a badge. On the other hand, if they are still not delivering a satisfying result, send them an empathizing message; let them know that they are not left out and being appreciated for their hard work.

    • Reward Them 

    Taking initiative– tick, one-on-one meeting– tick, giving solution- tick, analyzing improvement- tick. Well done, you are almost there! 

    It will take some time but constant encouragement of HR managers will eventually help demotivated employees get back to their track. In the end, when they deliver excellent results, it is equally important to reward them. Always remember, Recognition, Praise, and Reward are the best forms of showing gratitude. 

    The good old ways of functioning are truly insufficient to achieve the desired results for your organization in the present time. In this situation, the only way to emerge stronger from the current difficult time is depending on technology. By implementing one of the best HRIS software India has, companies can effortlessly engage with employees and help them deal with their problems.

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