Everything To Know About How To Share Location On iPhone

    To identify its position, the iPhone relies on information from your cell service, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (and GPS), and Bluetooth (and GPS), as well as your location, as you nearly always have it with you. You may use that information to let people know where you are or to find your phone if it’s misplaced.

    There are also instances when services and corporations collect more information about you, causing privacy issues. Because you may tighten your restrictions, applications will only have access to your location when it’s essential. You may use your iPhone to let someone know where you are, whether it’s to let them know you’re safe at home or that you’re on your way. Please follow the instructions below.

    It’s common for individuals to complain that their iPhone applications are sharing too much location data, yet there are instances when you actively want to let others know where you are. Your spouse may want to know that you’ve arrived safely for a meeting, or perhaps you’re meeting coworkers.

    Whether they obtain your location only once or permanently is up to you. Going forward in this article, we will discuss how to share your location on iPhone. We will also discuss how to not share location on iPhone.

    How To Turn On Share My Location On iPhone?

    Location services must be enabled before you may share your location with anyone.

    • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
    • “Privacy” and then “Location Services” will appear.
    • Then, swipe to the right to turn Location Services on, if necessary.
    • Tap “Share My Location” and then swipe the slider to the right to enable it.

    How To Share Location On iPhone?

    how to share location on iphone

    In the Location Services section of Settings, you can do a lot more than just turn on the location services. You can arrange your iPhone so that a chosen person can always find where you are as long as you adhere to a few rules. The only restriction is that the person must be a family member.

    That is, you must have set them up via Family Sharing to do so. At least in this part, you can’t just enter any contact you have. As a result, anybody you designate here may check your whereabouts at any time. There are three methods to share your location on iPhone. We will go through each section if you are asking how to share my location on iPhone.

    1. Share Your Location On iPhone Using Messages

    • Open Messages and start a chat with your friends
    • Tap on the person’s name at the top of the screen to bring up their profile information.
    • Click on the i icon next to their name.
    • Tap on Send My Current Location to share your current location.

    Sending to individual works the same way as sending to a group. Ensure that all of the persons involved have been added to a Message conversation.

    Second, you can share my location on iPhone. You may think that it’s the same, but it’s not. Anyone in your family may now share with you via Messages. When you use to share my location on iPhone, then this feature also allows you to set a time limit for how long you want them to be aware of your whereabouts.

    2. Share My Location On iPhone With Friends

    Your iPhone’s location may be shared with a friend or family member in just a few clicks, and you can choose to share it for an hour, till you set it up, or eternally. Keep in mind that the buddy will be able to see where you are for the duration of the period you pick unless you switch off your location or you don’t have cellular service.

    Follow the steps below to set up locate my friends and start sharing your location with a friend:

    • You should both have iPhones.
    • Find My app should now be open. On a grey backdrop, there is a huge green circle with a little blue dot within.
    • Click on the Share My Location option.
    • A blue tint will show on the faces of those who are using an iPhone This function will not operate if the contact’s name is grey, meaning they do not have an iPhone.
    • If you wish to share your whereabouts with anyone else, provide their contact information.
    • Then, touch ‘Send’ in the upper-right corner of the screen to send your location to everyone you’ve selected.
    • “Share for One Hour”, “Share Until the End of Day”, or “Share Forever”.
    • In the People tab of the Find My app, you will see a list of the people you have selected to share your location with.

    3. Share My Location On iPhone Using Google Maps

    If you happen to have Google Maps open, you can share location on Google maps iPhone. To share Google maps location on iPhone, use the following procedure:

    • Go to Google Maps and search for your location.
    • Hit the blue dot that represents your location (if you don’t see it on the screen, tap the arrow in the lower right to center your position on the map).
    • Click “Share your location” in the pop-up menu.
    • Decide how long you’d like to broadcast your whereabouts to the public.
    • It’s possible to extend the period to three days, or you may select “Until you turn it off.”
    • Click “Select People” to begin.
    • In your contact list, choose each individual you wish to invite. Select an email address or phone number by tapping the downward pointing arrow.
    • In the top right corner, press “Share” when you’re through making your selections. Now, you can share a location on Google maps iPhone.

    How To Share My Location On iPhone For A Specific Period

    • Open Messages and start a discussion with someone.
    • Tap on the person’s name at the top of the screen to bring up their profile.
    • Click on the I icon next to their name.
    • Click on the Share My Location button.
    • Alternatively, you may choose to share for one hour, till the end of the day, or indefinitely.

    The employer will always know where you are if you do this, for example. It’s a way for the group you’re meeting to locate you, even if one of them is running late, which is more useful and less creepy.

    Outside of Messages, you may share your location with a contact by locating them in your Contacts list and pressing the Share My Location button. Differently, you receive a popup asking how long you want to share.

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    How To Share Location On Find My iPhone Using Apple Maps?

    • To get started, open Apple Maps and press on the little blue dot that symbolizes you.
    • Your location is displayed in a panel, along with the ability to share it with others.
    • Select “Share my location”.
    • Then, decide on how you’d want to share it: (via Messages, for instance)
    • In the message field, touch the blue arrow to send it.

    Share My Location in Apple Maps is a normal Share sheet. The information can be sent via Messages or Mail, but you may also be offered AirDrop or your To-Do app as an alternative route. Either one is unlikely to be very beneficial, as everyone within the AirDrop range will be able to see you.

    If you want to share all of your locations with someone later, you may do so by saving them to a text file or a To-Do app. In the case of tracking costs, it’s more difficult to reject map data than it is a list of receipts.

    How To Share Location On iPhone 6?

    share location on iphone 6

    There are four different ways to share your location on iPhone 6. We will discuss every possible way for answering your question of how to share my location on iPhone 6 in the following section:

    1. Share Your Location Manually On iPhone 6

    Your friends and family members will only be able to see where you are if you choose to use this technique. As an example, here’s how to do it manually:

    • Go to your iPhone’s settings. Scan down and click on “Privacy”. “Location Services” may be found at the top of the screen. Allow other applications to access the location services on iPhone by enabling the location services here.
    • Another thing to keep in mind is that if the location services are enabled all the time, the battery life will be drained faster.
    • Now, touch on “Share my location” one more time to confirm your selection. Tap on the device you wish to share the location with. There you have it! Your family members will now be able to track your iPhone’s position.

    2. Share Your Location On iPhone Using iMessage

    Location sharing is one of the many great features of iMessage. Use these steps to share your location on iPhone using iMessage:

    • The first step is to open the Messages program and pick the recipient.
    • Next, you’ll find a few options for sharing the location. Sending your position is as simple as tapping “Send my current location”.
    • You may share your location for an hour, till the end of the day, or indefinitely if you touch on the Share My Location button.

    That’s all there is to it. Once the timer expires or you manually switch off your iPhone, the contact will be able to view your iPhone’s location in real-time.

    3. Use Family Sharing To Share Your Location On iPhone

    Apple’s latest version of iOS includes a new feature called “family sharing.” Using “Family Sharing”, you may create a family tree. For purchases, the family sharing plan’s creator’s debit card will be utilized. Everyone in the family will be able to buy music and apps on one card, and they will instantly appear on other devices.

    Your family members will be able to exchange information such as the family’s current location, music, and calendar activities, in addition to managing purchases. So, follow the steps given below:

    • As soon as you wait a few seconds, you will see “Set up Family Sharing.” Tap on it to activate it.
    • “Get Started” will appear on the following screen. Click on Continue again on the following page to continue with the process. Your Apple ID and Password will now be required, followed by a Payment Method selection.

    4. Share Your Location On iPhone Using Apps

    What if you do not want to set up family sharing? You may still share your location with your friends and family by utilizing an app from the Appstore! Apps such as “Find My Friends by Apple”, “Family Locator” or “Glymphe” allow you to share your location with friends or family members in a secure manner. So, here’s how it’ll work:

    • On your iPhone, first, download the Find My Friends app. The “Add” button may be found in the upper-right area of the screen. Contacts may be changed by tapping “Done”. Your buddy with whom you wish to share the location will receive a request.
    • Your location will be accepted after they get your request.
    • You will now be able to see the list of your friends. Tap on a friend’s name to discover where he or she is right now.

    That’s all there is to it! After adding a family member (or more) to your family sharing, your location will be shared with them all.

    How To Share Location On iPhone 11?

    how to share location on iphone

    A friend or family member may want to know where you are in real-time if you’re strolling alone at night or if you’re in an Uber by yourself. Use the Find My app to share your whereabouts with relatives and friends if you have iOS 13 or later.

    • Go to the “Settings” menu.
    • In “Privacy,” turn on “Location Services.”
    • Then touch on your name at the top of the main “Settings” menu.
    • “Find My” should be selected.
    • “Share My Location” should be turned on.
    • When you’re done, go to Find Mine in the App Store. First-time users will be asked if they want the app to access their location. Allow while using the app, Allow once, or Don’t Allow are the options.
    • Click on “Person” (you may need to pull the tab up to view the window properly).
    • Click the “Share My Location” or “Start Sharing Location” button.
    • Enter your friend or family member’s phone number or name in the “To:” area.
    • Click “Share for One Hour,” “Share Until the End of the Day,” or “Share Forever.”

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    How To Turn Off Location On iPhone?

    Using location data is beneficial for some apps (such as ordering meals) and required for others, such as maps or ride-sharing services, such as Lyft. The location services for a particular app can be turned off if it requests for your location and if you don’t believe it requires it. This is how you do it:

    • Go to the Settings menu.
    • To access location services, go to “Privacy” > “Location Services”.
    • Then, scroll down to get a list of all the apps that enable location services. Click on the name of the app if you wish to limit its access to your location data.
    • If you choose Always, you’ll have the option to ask the next time you use the app or Never.

    While the app is active or running in the background, if you select “While Using the App,” the app will have access to your location. Click on “System Services” at the bottom of the “Location Services” page for further methods to restrict location access. Toggle location access for Wi-Fi, time zone, and emergency calls.

    The “Status Bar Icon” option may be toggled at the bottom of the “System Services” screen to see if your phone is still gathering location data. Your phone’s screen will show an arrow when an app on your phone attempts to get your location.

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