How To Recall An Email In Outlook & Its Alternatives

    For example, users with an Outlook account may search numerous mailboxes, improve security, and recall or replace an email message. To recall an email, you need to go to the recipients’ email accounts that have not opened it yet. Transmitting and receiving the information has gone from taking time and effort to something we could never have imagined in a generation.

    Email communication, whether you like it or not, has changed the way we communicate with one another. An email has indeed transformed the workplace in a positive way for many, but it also has its drawbacks. If you unintentionally send an email that shouldn’t have gone out, it’s humiliating at best, and potentially devastating at worst.

    Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s unfinished or full of spelling and grammar problems, you don’t have to give up on the project just yet. There are a few recall tools in Gmail and Outlook 365 that might help you repair your embarrassing email gaffes.

    How To Recall An Email In Outlook 365?

    how to recall an email in outlook

    When you need to recall email Outlook, then you must follow the given procedure:

    1. Go to the Sent Items folder in Outlook.
    2. Open a new window by double-clicking the sent message you want to retrieve.
    3. Recall This Message by selecting the Actions dropdown arrow on the Message tab.
    4. To recall a message, pick one of the following options:

    A. Unread Copies of This Message can be recalled by clicking on Delete Unread Copies.
    B. The message will be replaced with a new one if the unread copies are deleted and a new message is sent.

    5. When prompted, choose the option that reads, “Tell me whether Recall Succeeds or Fails for Each Recipient”.
    6. Click on the OK button.
    7. You can edit the original message if you chose Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message.
    8.  Click the Send option.
    9. You’ll receive a notice from Outlook informing you whether or not your effort to withdraw or replace the email was successful.

    These are the steps to recall Outlook email. Now let us see how to recall an email in Outlook web app.

    How To Recall An Email In Microsoft Outlook Web App?

    Sometimes, we need to recall message Outlook on the web app. So, follow these steps to recall email outlook:

    how to recall an email in outlook

    • If you’d want to cancel a Microsoft Exchange email message, you must be on the same server as the receiver to do so. For example, you can recall an email sent to a coworker, but not one sent to someone with a Yahoo! or other corporate email address.
    • The first thing you need to do is go to “Sent Items.”
    • If you’d want to recall a specific email, click on it twice.
    • It will open in a new window.
    • Choose “Actions” and then click “OK”.
    • Recall this message by selecting it.

    This is followed by an automated deletion by Outlook, which removes the email message if the recipient hasn’t opened or read it. If you disable this functionality, Outlook will disregard these requests and you won’t be able to retrieve messages from Outlook 365.

    Messages that have already been viewed by the recipient will not be deleted, and Outlook will politely ask if want to recall email Outlook. Recall Outlook email that is unread from Outlook and replace them with new ones.

    Requirements Of Recall Message Outlook

    To assist you to remember your Outlook 365, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 email addresses, this section provides advice. However, certain settings in Outlook 2007 have somewhat different names so bear that in mind.

    A message can be recalled from Outlook with relative ease, however, there are a few situations where this feature isn’t available:

    • Either you or the receiver does not have a Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email address.
    • If you’re using Microsoft Exchange, go to Account Settings and see if you’re using Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email.
    • Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email accounts from different organizations.
    • The recipient has already opened the email you’re trying to remember.
    • A spam filter has intercepted the email you wish to retrieve.
    • When meeting requests and answers to meeting requests and polls are automatically processed by the receiver, this option is not enabled.
    • In the absence of this option set, the receiver must explicitly confirm the Outlook request to remember the email address.
    • As a last note, recall requests can’t be performed on mobile devices or in the online version of Outlook.

    These were the requirements to recall Outlook email. So, check these boxes before you decide to recall message Outlook.

    Alternatives To Recall Email Outlook 365

    outlook recall email

    Your email contacts are likely not limited to those who have Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email accounts in the same organization as you, of course. Your recipients presumably use a variety of email services, from Gmail and Outlook to their own hosted email solutions. Do you know of any other solutions to Outlook recall email? It’s true, there are some alternatives to recall email in Outlook. Let’s discuss them:

    1. Delay Sending Of Emails

    Delaying the sending of your emails by a few minutes is the most effective solution. Remember, knowing how to recall an email in Outlook is no different.

    1. On the File tab, choose Manage Rules & Alerts.
    2. Then select New Rule in the E-mail Rules section of the menu.
    3. In Step 1: Select a template box, under Start with a Blank Rule, choose to Apply rule on messages to send, and then click Next to continue.
    4. Check the boxes next to the choices you want to use. Select a condition(s) in Step 1 and click Next.
    5. Pick several minutes to postpone delivery in Step 1: Select action(s) list.
    6. If necessary, click on the number of underlined phrases in Step 2: Edit the rule description (click on a highlighted value) box and insert the required number of minutes.
    7. To finish setting up the new rule, click on the “OK” button. A single message can also be delayed if you don’t want to answer right away but know that you won’t be able to later. Following are the steps for delaying one email message in Outlook:

    A. In the Ribbon, select the More options arrow next to the Tags group.
    B. If you choose the Do not deliver before option under Delivery choices, you can choose any date and time for delivery.
    C. Click the X to close the window.
    D. Send the message as usual and it will remain in your Outbox folder till the delivery time arrives.

    2. Write Apology Email

    The impact of an apology should not be underestimated. If you accidentally sent them an email or forgot to attach an attachment, they’re unlikely to take it personally, since most people are more forgiving than you may think. The easiest way to write an apologetic message is without a lot of fluff and to go straight to the subject. Compare the two topic lines below and decide which one you prefer:

    Subject A: My prior message has been clarified.

    Subject B: Apologies for sending the erroneous email.

    Your apology is made apparent in subject line B, which describes why you want to apologize. In the body of the communication, you should reiterate your apologies and offer further details about what transpired. Because you’ve already wasted the recipient’s time, you should limit the message’s length to five phrases or less.

    For example, if you’re writing an apology letter for an embarrassing grammar blunder, there’s no need to include an official salutation and closing section. A simple asterisk (*) might be used to signify a correction to an earlier statement. The following is an example of how it may appear in practice:

    Initial Message: I assume their are from the Czech Republic.

    Correction: I think *they are from the Czech Republic.

    Even if you know the individual well, all it takes is a single incorrect word * to correct your mistake.

    3. Use Instant Messengers

    But it doesn’t imply there aren’t other options. We’d go so far as to argue that email should only be used for the most critical matters to prevent inbox congestion and problems with incorrectly sent messages. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, and Viber are popular instant messaging applications that may be used to communicate with coworkers, friends, and family members regularly.

    You can easily erase sent messages in modern instant messaging programs, so you’re less likely to need to retract an email in Outlook. It’s possible to talk privately with people you know or to create a group chatroom to connect with a large number of people all at once Instead of using mass email, which is prone to errors of all types, consider using group chats.

    So, these were a few of the most successful alternatives to how to unsend email in Outlook.

    Knowing How To Recall A Message In Outlook Will Help In Due Times

    With the knowledge of how to recall an email in Outlook, you will no longer need to double- or triple-check every email you send in Outlook. The instructions in this article can help you remember or change a message if you forget to include an attachment, write the wrong email address, or make a silly error that could disgrace you in front of your superiors.

    For the utmost peace of mind, you may combine email recall with delayed email sending. We hope this article on Outlook recall an email helps you in dire times.

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