How to make her happy on the anniversary

    Anniversary comes once in a year and it is the most special day for both of you. It is necessary to make this day memorable and best. Every relationship becomes healthy only when you celebrate big or small events and days. This will strengthen your relationship and will surely give you beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of your life. To strengthen the bond, both of you should try something new. This will bring both of you closer. 

    You can do many things but just remember that both of you should have fun in that activity. You should leave all the arguments behind and celebrate your big day with full enthusiasm and positive energy. We have a list of activities you can do if you are staying together or on a long-distance. 

    If You’re in Long Distance Relationship 

    1. Send anniversary flowers – It is really important to make her feel special on this day. And what is better than flowers for that. You can add cake, a card, or a bottle of wine with it. Choose flowers wisely as flowers depict many things. If you know her choice you are the lucky one. You can also send flowers to Mumbai as a wide range of flowers is available online. This will give you choices and you can even personalize the bouquet with different types of flowers. 
    2. Calls and messages – Flood her inbox with all the sweet and romantic messages. After all it is your anniversary. You can also wish her every hour. This will surely make her happy. You should do the longest video call on this day so that she can feel your love over miles. You can be a little more cheesy and romantic. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell your feelings without any hesitation, surely she will understand. 
    3. Bump yourself into her place for a day or two – This would be the best surprise for her. As she must be feeling lonely on her anniversary. So take a day off and go to her place. Surprise her and see the priceless smile of your lady. Don’t forget to give her a gift and anniversary bouquet. These all are sweet gestures you are doing for your lady. 

    If both of you are happy together – Surely you guys have an edge and are lucky! 

    1.  Spend an evening together with talks and fun, and without any electronic gadgets – Both you distance yourself from every device and spend time together. Talk to each other, understand each other’s opinions. Play board games with each other. Say things you love about each other. Make this evening special and memorable as much as you can. 
    2. Go to your favourite place – Both of you take keys in your hands and rush to the favourite spots of both of you. Spend time there and cherish all the sweet memories you made there in the past. Make new memories by doing something new on the same old spot. It can be as simple as proposing her on your knees. 
    3. Laziness Ruled – If both of you are lazy, this can be your dream of having a very lazy day with your partner and just doing nothing with your own laziness rules. Make this dream come true on your anniversary. And be lethargic as you want. But be careful if your partner is even a little active this can backfire. To discuss this and do it. 
    4. Candlelight dinner and dance at home – You can organize a beautiful candlelight dinner at home only. In preparations for this you can cook food together and have a great evening with good food and music. Make it more romantic by dancing on romantic songs. This will surely be loved by your partner. You can also plan a dinner date. This will also make her happy. Make sure you keep in mind her choices as you are doing it for her. 
    5. Write your love story – This can be very interesting and Funny. Start from the start and write each and every detail of your loved story. Even the color of her dress she wore on your first date. Everything you remember. You can also add how you feel now and where you both want to take this relationship. Spend time together and feel the positive energy flowing around with your great love story. 

    Do enjoy your day to the fullest and don’t forget to make her feel special and happy!!! 

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