How to Lose Weight Without Stressing Out?

    Over the years, especially in modern society, the fitness industry is dotted with myths, especially related to weight loss, so we will give you one main and most effective way that will help you lose weight so that in the future you won’t be fooled , a miracle diet / pill, which give a temporary effect of burning fat.

    So, for example, when asked about fitness goals, many people give the same answer, “getting rid of excess weight,” but in fact, most of them don’t mean it with their actions. What’s needed is getting the courage and be consistent to achieve your goals.

    Get rid of fat

    People are so concentrated on the fact that the small figures of the weights say every day that some simply can stop the exercise program because they gained a pound (~ 0.45 kg). But a pound of what? It should be remembered that simple scales measure only the total body weight, including muscles, fat, bones, organs, undigested food, water, clothes, small children, plus everything that can be in the body! Weighing at different times of the day can show different results (for example, in the evening, a person will always weigh more than in the morning) and it’s a universal fact to be understood.

    However, this is well known to all. Therefore, many people get on the scales in the morning, before breakfast, without clothes. No food, too much water while the little kids are sleeping. Wow! This method of measuring weight is a little more accurate. Bones and organs have not changed, so you are worried about changes in muscle and fat.

    Making it a easier process for everyone

    What you need at the moment is getting rid of fat! This is not only ugly, but also harmful to health, as it contributes to the appearance of arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure. In addition, the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system increases, pain in the lower back appears. The list goes on and on. Many fitness trainers got rid of the phrase “weight loss” and replaced the phrase “getting rid of excess fat.”

    Some of the most popular diets (“low-calorie”) help the body begin to absorb its own muscle tissue (using proteins as a source of energy). Also, such a diet involves a strict restriction of food intake. So much so that the diet becomes debilitating, uncomfortable and even unpleasant. Therefore, people stop sticking, and the lost weight returns very quickly, sometimes even exceeding the previous mark recorded before the diet. It’s important you learn about what is kush as it would help you with relieving the stress while maintain consistency at losing weight. Look at it as such trendy diets really work, why do they exist in such huge numbers?

    If you want to get rid of excess fat, there are three “secret”, and at the same time simple ways:

    • Reduce daily calories
    • Spend more calories per day than you consume
    • The combination of the two points above

    The body uses calories to produce the energy necessary for daily activity. The body needs a certain number of calories to support the most important functions (respiration, heart rate, blood circulation, digestion). This is called the main metabolism, which requires about 800-2200 calories and more per day, depending on the type of physique of a person and the level of his daily physical activity.

    How many calories burn muscle?

    Many people believe that aerobics or cardio training is the only way to “burn fat.” This is fundamentally wrong! The combination of aerobics and endurance exercises (aerobic) is one of the most effective methods. About 450 g of fat burns 1-2 calories per day. And 450 g of muscle burns 35-50 calories per day. Therefore, 9 kg of muscle can burn 350-500 calories. More muscle tissue will help burn more fat (which is why muscular men in the gyms eat a lot and do not get fat). This can be achieved through endurance training.

    Final Words

    But we should not forget: an increase in muscle mass (and fat burning) will be displayed on the scales as an increase in weight. However, you become healthier, stronger and slimmer. Therefore, the best advice: “throw the scales!”

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