How to Leverage Meta Descriptions to Improve Your Website SEO?

    Writing good meta descriptions is often overlooked in Search Engine Optimization. There is a lot of misperception about SEO and meta descriptions. According to Google’s official statement made in 2009, “meta description is no more ranking factor.” However, with advancements in the digital age, things are a lot different. 

    Meta descriptions don’t help in ranking directly, but they have a great impact on increasing click-through rates (CTR) and potential customers because this description shows up under the link of your website. Therefore, your meta description should be compelling if you want to appeal to your customers to click on the link. 

    What is Website Meta Description, and Why is it Important for SEO?

    If you are struggling with meta description for your website, don’t worry as this article will cover everything you need to know about meta descriptions, why they are important, and how to leverage them for your SEO. 

    What Are Meta Descriptions?

    It is an HTML tag that is used to define the contents of your website/web page. The meta description shows up just below the title of your website, and its URL on search engines result pages like Google, as shown below:

    The text shown in the red box above is the meta description. Make sure to keep your meta description between 140-160 characters to give a small introduction to the viewer about your services. If you look at Google search page, you can see that meta descriptions take more than 50 percent of the space on the search page. That is how important they are for your SEO!

    Why is Meta Description Significant for SEO?

    You must be thinking about how meta descriptions are related to your website SEO. Since meta descriptions appear on the search engine result page just below the title of your website, it has the power to increase your click-through rates. Therefore, embedding a keyword in your meta description can help you increase the traffic of your web page on search engines. 

    These two lines can make a huge difference in terms of traffic, so take advantage of this opportunity and sell your business by adding a meaningful message for the viewers online. We recommend getting help from an SEO services company in Dubai to help you create meta descriptions that move customers and increase overall SEO. 

    Writing SEO-Friendly Meta Descriptions That Convert

    Following is an example of a meta description:

    ˂head˃   ˂title˃Title of the website or web page˂/title˃˂meta name= “description” content= “This is an example of meta description of your web page. This will show up in search results.”˃˂/head˃

    When it comes to writing a good meta description, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

    Optimal Length 

    You can write meta descriptions of any length, but make sure it’s not more than 150 characters because Google generally shows snippets of 150-160 characters. The optimal length of the meta description will vary depending upon your type of business, but its best to keep them concise. 

    Make sure to incorporate your keyword in the meta description and add call-to-action. However, instead of using direct action words like “Buy Now!” to the meta description, use less aggressive words like “Discover” to give an idea of freedom to the viewer. 

    For example, “Discover exciting products and accessories for your next event.”

    Optimal Format

    Meta description tags are highly useful in acquiring user click-through from SERPs. These two lines present you with an opportunity to advertise your business and content to the searchers online, so they can decide if your website has content that they are seeking. 

    Meta description of your webpage should be readable and incorporate keywords that the webpage is targeting. When writing a meta description for your website, make sure it is compelling enough so the searcher will want to click and visit your site. We suggest getting the assistance of an SEO expert to make sure your meta descriptions are unique and relevant to your content. 

    Avoid Duplication of Meta Description Tags

    When writing meta descriptions, make sure there is no duplication, and the description is unique for each web page. For example:

    Please add these pictures here with red boxes. Thank you. 

    As you can see in these examples that every meta description is unique and different for every single webpage. To avoid duplication, you can get the assistance of an SEO service provider for generating dynamic descriptions and titles for your webpages. 

    Make Your Web Page Meta Descriptions SEO-Friendly!

    Meta description tags have great importance when it comes to SEO and organic traffic. Even if Google says meta descriptions don’t alter search engine ranking, it does not mean you ditch them altogether. Meta descriptions are important because they affect click-through-rate and views of your website. 

    So, the next time you are creating meta descriptions for your web pages, give it more thought and get creative. 

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