How to Design Custom Vape Boxes

    To cover the relevant information about the product, custom vape boxes provide the highest printing results among all the packaging solutions that are available in the market. Your vape product needs to be in packages that can grab the attention of the customer just by a look. You can find them in all colors, shapes, and sizes, or you can also get your custom box from the suppliers according to the perfect need for your product. Corrugated and kraft are the main materials that require to manufacture these packages. They have excellent durable nature, and because of the rigidity they provide, you can deliver the product to the customer safe and sound. You will also find standings, place holders, and foam inserts in the packages to hold your product firmly during the hard process of shipping and handling. Their production materials are the reason that these packages are cost-effective and eco-friendly as well.

    The trend of using vape or related products has increased a lot these days. That is why the need to use custom vape boxes is also increasing. There are so many ways, techniques, and things that you should keep in mind while getting or manufacturing these boxes. Here are some things to remember and guide to make these packages.

    1. Consider customer behavior:

    Understanding customer behavior is the most essential and important job for a company if it looks to find success. For buying a product, every customer has a distinct attitude regarding that particular product. So you have to take a deep look at the nature of your target audience. Now vape is a product that is more famous in the young generation. So while designing your vape cartridge boxes, you have to think about them mainly. Your design should be visually appealing to the young customer so that they can attract to your package. As a product manufacturer, you also have to understand the changing nature of the customers and trends and make changes in your product according to it.

    1. Protection first:

    Delivering product in pieces will not get you any delivery from that customer again. So you have to think carefully when it comes to providing product protection to your customer. The use of corrugated and kraft paper in the manufacturing of vape cartridge packaging allows it to give your customer a safe and sound delivery. You can also use different place holders and standings to hold your vape products firmly. As vape products also come in glass bottles sometimes, so insertion of foam to save bottles from breakage would be a wise selection. The protection that you provide will be a reason for your customer to trust you whenever he needs that product. 

    1. Make your package unique:

    Every customer wants to have a product that is unique from others. So you have to think carefully about this perspective of your customer when you are designing vape packaging. Customers are considered to be the backbone of every business; without them, you cannot achieve growth in your business. Use your creativity and graphic skills to produce different illustrations on the package. Try to merge dark colors to make gradients and use them to reflect your product. Keeping the box color the same as your product will make your customer think that you have manufactured the package yourself to make them feel special. Your customer should know that he is important to you; that is why you are providing unique materials.

    1. Keep the size perfect:

    The first thing to remember about any packaging is the size that it takes to pack your product. You have to think wise to utilize all of its available space. Considering size will also help you in shipment. As your package size is big, you have to pay more and vice versa. Vape products are not that big, so they require small but perfect packaging. Size also helps you in the protection perspective; if your product is perfectly packed in the box, chances are less that it will break during shipment and handling. Custom vape cartridge packaging offers a wide range of sizes and customization options so that you can adjust your product in them perfectly. Selecting shape is also important; for instance, if you choose a rectangular shape small box, it will contain less space than big round boxes.

    1. Printing techniques:

    There are several printing techniques available in the market from which you can print vape cartridge box packaging. The versatile nature of these packages allows you to use any technique you want and still give the best results. Some of the famous are given below:

    • Flexographic printing

    In this technique, rubber and polymer plates are used to press the image on your box. That image can be your design or texture. Inks that this packaging used are fast-drying and waterproof. This printing technique is highly absorbable.

    • Screen printing

    A tight screen mounted on a frame is used to force or press the ink on the paper in this technique. Screen stencil made of porous material is used to define the image area.

    • Litho-laminating

    Offset or digital printer is used in this technique to press the sheet on your paper or design. Foil stamping, embossing or debossing, spot UV, and varnishing can also be applied to your box using this technique.

    • Pre-print

    This is among the most popular printing techniques used for corrugated boxes in the industry. Since a lot of investment needs for initial placement, this technique is mainly used for high volume boxes. Color consistency and good color saturation can attain through this.

    • Label-stickers 

    If you are looking for a cost-effective printing technique, this is for you. You can paste your logos, company stickers, and characters that reflect your product on the box by using this method. 

    Every procedure is unique in its own way; you just have to choose that which is exactly fulfilling the need and requirements of your product and customers.

    These are some methods, things to consider, and techniques to design perfect custom vape boxes for your products. Make your creativity your priority if you want to stand out as a unique manufacturer in the market among your other competitors.

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