How to create a food delivery application like Zomato?

    The food industry has been revolutionized by the food delivery applications. With the advent of internet and these applications, the food that is cooked on a restaurant reaches your doorstep through a delivery partner. With constant food cravings, and nor wanting to cook, applications like Zomato have made our lives much easier.

    What has made these applications more popular is the need for it. The possibility of getting any of your favourite dishes within a particular time all by sitting at your comfort is what made it unique. Zomato being the most popular among the food delivery applications. You can discover more of expert Zomato clone script here.

    Affordable pricing with every main city added to the listings and various partnerships with the restaurants have made immense revenue generation for Zomato ans this is why they are the most popular choice among all the food delivery applications.

    We will delve deeper in understanding how to create an application like Zomato?

    Before even understand how to create an application like Zomato, it is important to understand what makes Zomato different.The understanding about your target audience, goals and objectives these are the ones that help in curation of the application. What are the demands you have off the app, what are your target audience’s needs. Essential understanding of different restaurants, their customer base, delivery persons all of these have to viewed , planned and understood well in advance.

    Added to these are the budget constraints and the development of the team for the application development. The decision to use in house or outsource team depends on the overall budget of the application. There are certain elements and components necessary in these applications for its ultimate success. You can incorporate the elements that will get your application to betterment.

    Zomato application has several components under the 4 categories which are the customer end, delivery personnel, restaurant’s and the admin. These categories have separate needs and have some features accordingly.

    Customer panel

    This set of panel is the one which you use as a customer. There is special emphasis in the overall design for this slot so as to attract people and make the entire navigation of the application to be easy and streamlined. This part takes care of the order placement, payment and all other different facets. Some important features here are

    1. Registration

    This enables in getting the order to the correct individual. The logging in is made much easier by the social media integration. This enables a very quick sign in and gets all the information from the said social media channel. Discover more of expert Zomato clone here which can give you a more precise idea of these features.

    1. The search button

    This gives the opportunity for the customers to search for what food they are looking for and the restaurant if they have a particular one in mind. Makes the entire process easy as you can just search through and find them to place an order with less time and effort.

    1. Option to call or message the restaurant

    This is an essential feature as the maps and address provided might not be very clear. The directions can be very easily be said through along with getting an idea of the delays caused if any at all.

    1. Payment options

    The availability of multiple payment options can be such a boon. There are credit cards, debt cards, cash on delivery or many other net banking ways in which you can pay for which is very easy and hassle free.

    1. Availability of GPS tracking and notifications

    With the GPS tracking the exact home location is found right and helps in detecting how much it might take for the food to get delivered. The notifications sent when the food is placed an order for and other times are easy to keep a tab on.

    Delivery personnel panel

    1. Latest orders button

    This gives the delivery personnel an estimate of upcoming and present orders. This is very streamlined and helps in delivering the package one after the other in a smooth and linear functioning level.

    1. Geo location

    This helps the delivery personnel with every address that they have to reach for the delivery. The exact location will be shown in the monitor for you have to just follow the instructions accordingly.

    1. Choice to accept or reject orders

    If the personnel has done enough for the day, they can just cancel or reject the orders and sign out by just taking over the incentives.

    Restaurant panel

    1. Manage the information well

    Restaurants photo, menu and all other information can be tweaked from this side of the panel for better orders and attracting more customers towards the site.

    1. Understanding and tracing the analytics

    The analytics let the owners know how well they are doing and helps in calculating the revenue generation from the application and orders.

    Admin panel

    1. Admin dashboard

    This will give the entire data base of restaurants and customer involved withing the application. An overall view and control could be done from this end of the panel. All the payment options can also be monitored from here.

    OS these are certain features that are included in the Zomato application. To discover more of expert Zomato clone script, click here. Always understand the goals and objectives of your application and integrate the necessary feature on to it.

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