How To Become a Successful Trader in India?

    A successful trader is the one who understands the strong and weak points of different instruments and also keeps track of the market conditions to utilize them efficiently.

    Online trading requires patience, perseverance, discipline, and many other skills. A trader should also be skilled enough to analyze the market trends through the available tools.

    Also, choosing a trading platform that lets you invest in different products and markets is essential as it helps you to develop your trading skills. Apart from that, you can also follow the below tips to become a successful share trader:

    • Don’t get emotional

    Emotion can be your biggest enemy while trading as it blocks your ability to think practically. You cannot afford to be too fond of one trading strategy or stock as you will start expecting too much from it and this might take you away from reality.

    You also should not have too much faith when you are losing a trade and you should not be too greedy when you are making a profit. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on emotions to book profits and curtail losses at the right time.

    • Minimize brokerage costs

    If a broker charges a percentage of your profit from every trade then you can end up losing a large portion of your earnings in brokerage. To maximize your profits it is better to choose a broker who charges a flat rate or who provides the option of periodic subscription.

    • Keep working on strategies

    Many people think that a successful trader is the one who makes huge profits by taking big risks. However, there is little truth in this as a smart trader is the one who tries to learn constantly from his losses and works on new strategies to tackle them.

    Understanding the market and its cyclical nature, learning from it, and using the market trends to plan your strategies is also very important. Keeping track of big events that can impact the international and local markets is also essential as they tend to trigger the market sentiment and conditions. 

    • Explore new markets

    Exploring multiple markets and being ready to invest in a market that is completely new for you can be a gamble but it can also prove to be fruitful if you do it wisely.

    Currency trading brings the difference in the value of currencies into play and a smart trader will figure out how to make a huge profit out of that.

    • Securing trade capital

    Securing trade capital by employing hedging strategies is crucial especially if you are into derivatives and intraday trading.

    Take risks only up to a certain level because you don’t want to shrink your trading capital in the event of a loss in trading.

    Hedging strategies help you manage the risks but you should also use it to make a profit by investing in instruments that offer high liquidity.

    • Choosing an appropriate trading platform

    You also need to open a Demat account with a brokerage that lets you invest in different instruments and lets you trade online via an online trading account. You can take the help of a discount broker that lets you invest in futures, equities, options, and other securities.

    Moreover, it would be better if the broker also permits financing and margin trading. A technology-based portal that provides access to various products and markets will make you a smart and well-equipped trader.

    Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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