How to Avail Safe Food Order Deliveries amid COVID-19?

    With due credits to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for safety is more than ever. The best part regarding the situation is that ensuring safety lies in the hands of every individual belonging to the community. Governments and healthcare organizations play a supervisory role in curbing the disease transmission rate. One dilemma that has filled the air ever since the advent of the outbreak, ‘people should opt for doorstep deliveries or avail in-person services?’, needs a solution. The dilemma is difficult to crack; While people stepping out fear virus contractions, those who avail doorstep deliveries fear the same.  

    Complete isolation from the external environment is impossible, considering that people need food and essentials for survival. Most of the healthcare experts prefer doorstep deliveries rather than reaching out to services for various reasons. However, availing UberEats Clone delivery services involves maintaining safety standards. In this blog, let’s take an in-depth analysis of how to ensure the safety of food and essentials amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Can the virus transmit via food?

    No. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control(CDPC) & Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are no signs of the virus transmitting via food. However, the pathogen can adhere to the surfaces of packages. Reports say that they remain active for 2-9 days, depending on the material. In this case, the main concern of transmitting the virus is either through delivery executives or through infected vaporized air particles surrounding the delivery package. 

    Way out:

    People should look into the safety standards of a restaurant before ordering food. Besides, when ordering via third-party food delivery platforms, the responsibility of the entire network becomes crucial. The system includes multiple hands like, 

    • Restaurants
    • Delivery executives
    • Customers

    People needn’t worry about food safety if this network carries out their roles perfectly. Let’s elaborate on the part of a food delivery platform like UberEats in providing contamination-free food to users. 

    How are the current food delivery platforms coping up?

    One of the crucial strategies that most food delivery platforms implemented is contactless delivery options. Delivery professionals drop food orders in front of customers’ homes rather than directly handing them. 

    DoorDash is providing safety gear to its delivery executives. By providing gloves, masks, and sanitizers to these professionals, they ensure the lives of the workers and the safety of food orders. 

    Grubhub educates restaurants and delivery professionals to maintain the best hygiene and follow precautionary measures while interacting with others. 

    Seamless has waived off the commission fee for independent restaurants as a measure to boost restaurants’ businesses. This fee waiver was followed by UberEats eliminating the delivery fees in the US and Canada. 

    What can an UberEats Clone do to ensure food safety?

    Numerous entrepreneurs are eyeing to invest in a food delivery platform. Implementing new safety strategies can make the app unique and provide the pathway for other platforms to follow. Some of the safety strategies include, 

    • Safety badges to restaurants: The food delivery services app owners can supervise and scrutinize those restaurants under the platform’s belt for safety standards. By providing those restaurants that abide by the guidelines with a safety badge, the app can instill trust among users. 
    • Safety ratings and reviews: Whether making the app famous or nailing the final pin in the coffin, customers have the last say. Customers can rate and review their food and delivery experience through the app. This way, the platform can make necessary amends to the system. 
    • Selfie screening: With advancements in technology, integrating a face mask recognition software isn’t a mammoth task. Delivery drivers who wish to provide their services must upload a selfie equipping themselves with the PPE. The system recognizes the masks and enables them to take user requests. 

    An UberEats Clone with these strategies can significantly enhance the system’s safety standards.

    What should people do to stay healthy?

    Once the food reaches people’s doorsteps, the safety factor transfers to their own hands. Let’s discuss what people must do to stay healthy and free from virus contractions. 

    Strict hygiene standards – no way out!

    The local healthcare agencies and the World Health Organization (WHO) are stressing one significant point throughout the pandemic season – maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation standards. 

    Simple measures like washing the hands before and after a meal can go a long way in preventing disease spread. With the risk of viruses adhering to food packages’ surfaces, it is advisable to transfer the food into a safe container and immediately dispose of the food parcels. 

    Encouraging the golden rule – ‘Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill.’ 

    The golden rule is more comfortable to follow for everyone, be it individuals or multi-star restaurants. The underlying concept is to stay cautious regarding virus contractions. 

    It is paramount to clean any raw material. Cross-contamination is one significant concern in restaurants, paving the way for a community spread. Hence, segregating raw materials is essential. Maintaining strict safety standards during cooking can reduce disease spread drastically. Perfect cooling conditions during refrigerating can avoid food contamination. 

    Practicing social distancing – Go Digital

    With the vaccine still in the making, it is better to prevent contraction than facing the consequences. Social distancing is the only weapon left with humankind to battle the virus. 

    Adopting contactless delivery like UberEats Clone is one plausible way to break the transmission chain either way. Moreover, paying via digital modes of payments like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc., can come in handy. Maintaining at least a 6-feet gap while interacting with others, wearing masks, gloves, etc., when stepping out can help us fight the pandemic together. 

    What is the need of the hour?

    Preventing community spread and isolating infected patients is inevitably the need of the hour. Collective responsibility of the entire society becomes mandatory. 

    The least a food delivery platform can do is to ensure that the entire network remains safe. Right from the chef who prepares the food to the customer who consumes food, everyone has a crucial role in providing a COVID-free environment. 

    Wrapping up,

    Availing doorstep deliveries is preferably safer when compared to stepping out in the open. All people have to do is ensure the food orders’ safety. A food delivery platform with the perfect safety standards is bound to succeed among the people. Emerging entrepreneurs can establish an UberEats Clone, capable of supervising and monitoring the entire network seamlessly. Get in touch with an app development company, tell them your needs, and launch your app immediately!

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