How These Amazing Laptops Can Help Your Business In 2020

    There are different kinds of laptops that can be used for various purposes. If you are a designer, then you need a different set of hardware configurations than a blogger. Every profession needs specialized laptops.

    Yes, laptops are versatile and can perform several tasks to some extent. But what if you can find the best affordable laptops niche-based jobs.

    With the COVID 19 outbreak, every business has taken severe damage. With offices closed and working from home, laptops have become a necessity for business owners and working professions.

    However, working from home has its own disadvantages. And the major drawback is not having the right laptop for your job. The same thing happened to me. In my field of work, computers are used rigorously, and while doing so, my laptop gave up on me. This left me thinking that we can have a job or business specified laptop.

    I have done a thorough research and have come to the given conclusion.

    What do you need in your business laptops?

    The best business laptop comes with a well-balanced hardware configuration. There are many features that can be considered suitable for business laptops. Features like long battery life, processing power, and memory storage are what people look for in a business laptop.

    There are some laptops that use solid-state drivers to speed up the boot time and faster access to data storage. However, to have premium features, you need to pay a hefty price.

    Let’s look at the best laptops in India that can be considered a good pick for doing business.

    1. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

    Lenovo Thinkpad is the ultimate laptop for businesses. It is powered by the 10th generation intel core i5 processor. With Thinkpad X1 carbon, you get a 19 hours battery life. And when you are in a pinch, you can charge this laptop to 80% in just one with power charging features.

    With Lenovo X1, you get customizable memory: 8GB to 16GB of RAM and 256GB to 1TB of SSD. Along with that, you get a 14-inch 4K display screen. It comes with a fingerprint reader to provide an extra layer of security to your business laptop.

    2. Microsoft Surface Pro7

    Microsoft Surface Pro7

    For business owners like you who love to enjoy the practicality of the laptops and the convenience of using tablets, Microsoft’s surface pro7 is just for you. You can use Microsoft Surface as a traditional laptop to store all the sensitive information. And when the time calls for it, you can even use this laptop as a tablet.

    With Microsoft surface pro7, you get HD screen, 10 hours battery life, power charging features, Customizable memory: 4GB to 16GB of RAM, and 128GB to 1TB SSD. in addition, you also get facial recognition technology that can be used for more secure log-ins.

    3. MacBook pro

    MacBook pro

    Apple has always tried to improve its MacBook series with every iteration. And they have certainly done so. Apple has improved the processing power of the MacBooks, have enhanced its graphics quality, and increased the storage memory.

    With Macbook pro, you get a 16inch retina display full HD screen with millions of colors. The Macbook is integrated with Thunderbolt 3 that helps you to connect two 6K displays for the ultimate workstation.

    MacBook Pro comes with 64 GB DDR4 and 8TB of SSD. It comes with two processor variants: i7 and i9 processors embedded with AMD Radeon 500M graphics. And with 11 hours long battery backup, it is undoubtedly the best business laptop out there in the market.

    4. Asus ExpertBook

    Asus ExpertBook

    If you are a business person who has to travel frequently, then Asus expert book might be tailor-made for you. This laptop’s key feature is that it provides a 24 hours long battery life with just a single charge. With this, you can carry on with your work while traveling without any disruption.

    With Asus ExpertBook laptops, you get a 14-inch widescreen display and is made with sturdy material to absorb the shock from mishandling while traveling. The memory options are customizable and can expand to 2TB SSD. Also, you will get a fingerprint reader, facial face recognition while logging in, and camera shutter.

    5. Asus Flip Chromebook

    Asus Flip Chromebook

    All the laptops that I have mentioned above are among the top laptops. However, their price might be something that can restrict you from buying them. If you are looking for budget-friendly laptops that you can easily afford and can also do your business work efficiently, then Asus Flip Chromebook might be convenient for you.

    It is a budget-friendly laptop that comes with customizable 4GB to 8GB RAM and 512 SSD. With Flip Chromebook, you get a 14-inch display screen, 10 hours long battery backup, and a 360-degree hinge that lets you convert the laptop into a touchpad tablet.


    There are many laptops that are well suited for the business. I have just picked some of them. The list mentioned above is just the tip of the ice ber., if you will go to the market, you will be able to see the full body.

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