How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Change Christmas Celebrations Around the World

    Every year, the whole world is happier and brighter when the Holidays are around the corner. These are matchless times of relaxation and breaks from work, school and other day-to-day responsibilities. These are weeks of festive celebrations here and there. Yummy food, exciting presents and joyous greetings are exchanged between people, to and from loved ones and even strangers. Well, Smith was pretty much right when he said that quote above there, wasn’t he?

    The Holiday Season will be a whole lot different this year 2020. Sad to say, it’s going to be like something the world is not used to. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken away so much from the usual and has altered so much from the normal, even these jovial occasions will be unlike what everyone knows. It is no longer a surprise because everything this year has been modified, yet thinking of it gives a gloomy feeling of longing for the normal to come back already.

    Surely, this pandemic will change this year’s Yuletide Season like how it has changed its every event. The changes might result in less than what everybody wants, but they may not all in all be bad since these are adjustments that everyone has been doing for the past few months.

    Take a look at this piece to realize how the COVID-19 pandemic will change Christmas celebrations around the world — a bit melancholic, but hope remains.


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    It has been an annual tradition for families to reunite for the Holidays with fun clan Christmas parties where everyone assembles at one place to meet each other again after a year. There are exciting games and activities prepared by the programme coordinators in the family. If that’s not enough, sometimes, there are multiple family parties because of various family tree branches. Though it’s quite tiring to travel to and from places, the happiness brought by coming together again with beloved relatives is priceless.

    In some families, the yearly Christmas habit is distinctly luxurious. Some are going out of town, spending a memorable vacation overseas, booking a cozy hotel accommodation for a staycation, having buffet dinner in a famous restaurant, taking on thrilling overnight adventures, camping outdoors and many more unique ways of making the Holidays unforgettable.

    Whatever your families’ Christmas styles are, because of the pandemic, they will certainly be so different. As traveling is restricted, hotels are still not operational, restaurants are limited, staying outdoors is unsafe, annual plans will be revised.

    Stay-at-home parties will be the thing. Instead of spending long nights outside the house, everyone will be present at home. Houses will be filled not just with illuminating Holiday decors but also with family members who are usually seen outdoors during Christmas. Of course, it’s a different case for those who have work on Christmas Day and for those working far from home, but nonetheless, whatever they consider home for Christmas will be where they will be on that day.


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    As for friends, classmates, workmates, companies and other squads outside the family, Christmas gatherings are not to be missed. These are the times when your list of to-go-to Christmas parties is busy. Planning, programming, organizing and distributing tasks among the groups make everyone excited and responsible for a pleasurable festivity! These are the rare days when people can have time out of their bustling schedules to reunite with chums and colleagues.

    The COVID-19 pandemic disallows everyone to gather. Mass gatherings are rigidly prohibited because the spread of the virus is more possible and faster in such happenings. Due to that, without a doubt, there will be virtual Christmas gatherings everywhere, and though it’s unfortunate, everyone understands and prefers it that way.

    What’s good is that you can explore and discover more techniques to retain the enthusiasm and delight of the Christmas gatherings though they’re virtual! There are lots of virtual games to play as long as there’s good Internet connection and functional devices. Because there’s nothing that can and must take the Yule joy away, you will still have a zestful time with peers on virtual Christmas get-togethers. There may be screens in between but the presence of everyone will still be cherished like the actual meetups and parties!


    Pxfuel - Mask covid

    Fashion will not be forgotten this Christmas, but it will be modified too. The major addition to the Holiday OOTD for everyone is the face mask. This is especially for those who go out or will have mini celebrations outdoors.

    Everyone wants to still have a bubbly Christmas time during the pandemic, but never ignore the importance of staying safe and healthy. Everything’s still uncertain and unsafe until the COVID-19 pandemic is totally over, so wearing a face mask is a must, so all can spend a healthful and lively Christmas.


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    The fragrance of home-cooked meals for Christmas will still be present because there’s no place like home, and there’s no food like mothers’ recipes.

    What might become more common because of the COVID-19 pandemic is Christmas food deliveries. As many families might want to avoid going outside the house and buying raw food from the market to be cooked at home, restaurant and fast food delivery hotlines might be very busy for the Holidays — yes, busier than the previous years.

    On the other hand, for those people who miss restaurant food because they have been eating home-made dishes throughout the pandemic, they might seek after food deliveries for the Holidays. These are reasons why planning and preparing for your Christmas food during the pandemic must be done early if you don’t want hassle and stress.


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    Exchanging Christmas gifts is one of the highlights of this universal celebration. Kids of all ages and adults of all generations definitely smile at the sight of the colorful wrapped presents they receive. When you get the gleeful feeling of receiving a present, you will realize even more that it is better to give than to receive because you are able to paint gladness on someone’s face.

    Because of the pandemic, people cannot see each other as often and as freely as before. There are strict protocols to follow, and traveling even locally is quite hard. Handing gifts to each other can be done as easy and as quick as dropping off a kid to school, but now, it takes a lot of effort, time and risks. As you know, most are still not confident to go out of the house because of health safety issues, and that’s understandable.

    With all these and more, delivered Christmas gifts will be more prevalent like what quarantine birthday celebrators are experiencing. Giving and receiving surprise gift deliveries for Christmas will be a thing too. Of course, proper sanitation is required because the gifts still come from outside. On the other hand, monetary gifts for kids might be done digitally instead of the famous red envelopes which everyone is familiar with. This is much easier to send, to receive and to save.

    It is noticeable that online shopping has become even more superior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Actually, it has become a necessity. This will be people’s way to exchange Christmas gifts amidst the pandemic. It is reprogrammed but, still, it’s the thought that counts. You might realize that it can be more touching to feel and to be felt even from afar.



    This year’s Christmas celebrations will apparently be not the same as before, but that does not mean Christmas will not be merry anymore. Even in the face of a crisis, the Yuletide joy, hope, peace and love can be shared all over the globe. Just because this year is a lot unfamiliar to all does not mean the view towards Christmas should be ruined.

    There may be loads of unlikeable things that took place and are still happening since this pandemic started, but everyone must still be grateful, golden and prayerful. Do not forget the main essence of Christmas, that a Savior was born to save mankind. He is the Light that ends the darkness. The pandemic will be over soon, so don’t let any bad season dry out the joy in the Christmas that the whole world knows.

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