How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Game App Developer?

    Looking out for a mobile game developer but not sure how much will it cost? You have landed at the right destination. Here, in this article, we have provided every factor that should be considered to determine the total cost of hiring a mobile game app developer.

    Why hire game developers?

    The mobile game development process needs a considerable amount of expertise, which means you cannot build the app on your own. To develop the same, you need to contact a mobile game development company, which might get out of your budget.

    The reason being most of these companies have a separate department to perform various tasks/processes (designing, coding, testing, QA, deployment, maintenance, and support) involved in the development. Now, if you want to develop a basic mobile game with minimal requirements and simple UI, it is worthless to pay a big amount. Here is when you need to hire a game developer.

    If you choose to hire a game developer rather than employing someone permanently, then you can save on training and recruitment cost. Moreover, doing so will also make your app development process budget-friendly. You can hire game developers from various freelancing websites or through mobile game development companies.

    Cost of hiring a mobile game app developer

    To determine the cost to hire game developers depends on the below-mentioned factors:


    Mobile app development is not an overnight task. It requires a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. Yes, you need to decide on the programming language, framework, development platform, game engine, UI/UX design, and other important factors that ensure the success of the gaming app. Once you finalize this, the next step is to find a developer with expertise on the platform, game engine, etc.

    And as they say, quality comes with a price. It means hiring a developer with expertise on a particular language or platform will definitely be higher than choosing any random app developer. Depending on your project’s requirement, you can hire unreal engine developers, hire unity 3D developers, hire React Native developers, and more.


    Experienced developers with diverse technical skills and years of experience will cost more than the one with basic knowledge of the development. In other words, the more the experience of the developer, the higher will be the cost of their hiring. While making a choice, it is advised not to consider cost as the only factor because hiring an experienced developer will also ensure a flawless development and unnecessary delay in the deployment of the project.

    Hiring models

    Hiring models is another main consideration that affects the cost of hiring a game developer. Deciding the hiring models depends on the duration, budget, and number of developers required for your development project. Mainly, there are three types of hiring models-

    • Dedicated resource model– In this type of model, developer or the team of developers work at your Offshore Development Center (ODC). Billing is done on a monthly basis. The model is suitable for startups and mid-sized businesses.
    • Hourly model– As the name suggests, you can hire the developer(s) on an hourly basis and pay only for the hours worked upon. This model is perfect for short projects.
    • Fixed costing model– This type of hiring model is appropriate for the fixed projects where it is possible to calculate the time and the development cost in advance.

    To make the right choice, it is good to write down your project requirements and then contact a game app developer.

    Genre of the game

    Developing an action, adventure, RPG, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), MMORPG, or any other genre of a mobile game needs different technical skills. In other words, one developer cannot develop all types of games. Expertise on certain gaming engines, platforms, and other technicalities may increase or decrease the cost.

    Apart from this, factors such as animation used in the game, design of the game, testing requirements, after-deployment support, and game art creation in 2D and 3D also affect the total cost of hiring a developer.

    Tips to hire the best game app developer

    To know that your project is in expert hands, don’t forget these below-mentioned tips:

    1. Interview your prospective game developers
    2. Go through their previous work
    3. Hire game developers with experience and expertise on the technologies and tools required for your mobile game development project
    4. The developer should have great communication skills


    In this article, we have covered all the factors that determine the cost of hiring a game app developer. So, note them down before interviewing game developers for your next mobile game app development project. In case, if you don’t have any idea from where to hire mobile game app developers, then reach out to Quytech, a reliable mobile game development company where you can hire Unity 3D game developers, Unreal game engine developers, and developers conversant with other game development tools and technologies.

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