How do you Wish Eid Mubarak

    There are two Eid festivals of Muslims that are celebrated every year with pomp and show in the whole world. In the world of Arab Muslims, the expression used for Eid Mubarak is a blessed celebration. So the meaning of Eid is festivity, gala, merriment and the meaning of Mubarak is sacred, bless, holy. People nationally and internationally used to celebrate two Eids.

    Eid-ul-Fitr is the Eid that celebrates exactly after Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha celebrate in the month of Dhul Hajj. Both the Eids celebrations are very sacred for Muslims and it’s not only the cultural tradition but a religious requirement and obligation. People used variation in Eid greetings. In the Muslim community, it is two honored days first is the feast of breaking fast, and second is the feast of sacrifice.

    There is diversity to wish Eid Mubarak. At Eids Muslim families in the entire globe appear close to each other, come together to pray, exchange a variety of gifts and commemorate with their loved ones.

    Eid Mubarak Wishes

    In the Islamic calendar, these two Eids considered the most important festivals and holier events towards their religion. Grand parties and dinners are arranged to enjoy these days. Doubtlessly a great celebration for Muslims is the two Eids. Wishing each other truly reflects the significance of this day and sharing of flowers, cards, and cakes shows the love and care that we have for each other.

    How to Wish Eid Mubarak

    Many ways show your love towards your friends and family. The Eid messages hold our feelings, sensations, and emotions, so it’s the best way to deliver your sentiments and love.

     Words are the best way to explain the inner feeling. So the exchange of messages, text, greetings are wishes to your dearly loved persons on Eid days will give a great response to such words.

    Eid Mubarak Greetings

    Throughout the world, it is known by everyone that Eids are the biggest carnivals for Muslims. Each year Muslim celebrations on Eid started with prayer, new clothes, traditional sweet foods, gatherings, and exchange of gifts are the main activities of this day. The world becomes a global village by these technologies to convey your messages or wishes to others is not a big problem.

    Here we are going to discuss some great Eid wishes of 2020 by this collection person can greet his\her friends, sisters, mom, and other family friends by a simple text that how much these relations have importance in their life.

    • May Allah accept our sacrifices, our humbleness and efforts which we performed and bless us with a successful life,
    • May the blessing of God always fill your life with pleasures on that marvelous day.
    • The door of joys and prosperity may always open for you this Eid will bring loads of happiness and cheeriness in your life.
    • May Allah forgive us for all of our faults and bless us with a prosperous and peaceful life.
    • On this beautiful day of Eid wishing you and your family a very joyous moment that gives you all the reasons to build your life even more prosperous than ever
    • I wish you always have a happy and calm moment in your life May Allah bless you in every step and make your all days full of joys.
    • It’s not a message or a text that I am sending you it is the pray from the core of my heart that you always be encircled with loving and sincere friends
    • Life is too short must try to spend it with pleasures and merriments and delete all the tensions and worries with a backspace key! Happy Eid Mubarak
    • On this auspicious day of Eid May, you enjoy your full day even your whole life with peace, pleasure, and prosperity.
    • These Eids are the valid assets for any of Muslim May these wonderful moments becomes brighter and joyful for us.
    • May this Eid be the occasion of sharing care love and joys with not only family and friends but with the whole Nation Wishing a very happy Eid day to all Eid Mubarak
    • Spending your precious time with your family and friends is the real happiness in life Eid Mubarak to all my friends.
    • May Allah bless us we enjoy all the festivities of Eid, the great thing for me is your smile so it’s my deepest wish on this auspicious day that your smile must stick with you for an entire life Eid Mubarak dear friend
    • My lovely friend, you are a rare piece of gem we are so lucky that together celebrating this Eid special moment
    • True happiness is With friends and family so thanks to God that blessed with such good people.
    • May this holy occasion be the blessing of God and be a remarkable milestone for our relations.
    • Just because my parents pray my all Eids even my whole life become a nice dream as spending these days in heaven! Eid Mubarak mom and dad

    Wish with Flower and Cakes

    If you wish to your beloved person or dearly friends with a bouquet or a scrumptious cake then it would be an unforgettable Eid for them as there is no best gift in the universe other than flowers and roses. To wish friends with cakes and flowers make it a little bit thrilling or awesome as these are the best things to be gifted at any of occasion.

    Wishing with a flower and cake or if the addition of cards and remarkable messages, then it would be a big gift on this Eid for your dear persons. Flowers are the delicate creation of God giving flowers to someone means having the deepest sensations for the recipient. So there are unlimited ways to wish Eid Mubarak with flowers and cakes is truly tremendous.

    No doubt Eid is the perfect occasion when with friends, we tighten the bond and rejoice in pleasures together.

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