Go Through This Quick Note if You’re Thinking of Buying Bed Sheets Online

    The enhancement of technology, among other things, has facilitated the transition of businesses onto the web. The increased leaning of people to buy everything online from needle to necklace has virtually extinguished the need for physical stores. And bedsheets are no different when it comes to online shopping.

    Before you begin your online bedsheet shopping

    When buying bed covers/ bedsheets online, just like with any other item, you have to do your due diligence. Basic things starting from your requirements and ending at your budget.

    To begin with, you must first be able to identify your bed type (single/double/king or queen). Next, accurately measure the length and breadth of the furniture end to end along with the height.

    For a rough idea, a single bed would need a bedsheet which is 60 inches wide and 88 inches long. Whereas a double bedsheet should measure around 88 x 100 inches. A king-size bedsheet will be 90 x 108 inches. As a thumb rule, the bed length should be at least 4 inches more than the body length of the tallest person who’s going to use it.

    Colours and fabric

    A bedroom is the most personal space to any individual and definitely a couple hence one cannot slight the importance of ambiance when it comes to decor. Ideally, depending upon the shape and theme of the bedroom, there would be a specific color combination that would just be magical and mood-uplifting. You should try to get as close to this when selecting the pattern and colors of your bedsheet. The better you’re able to synchronize all these factors, the more your spouse will thank you.

    Now, having done with the cosmetic features, the fabric is waiting to be taken care of. Different people prefer different textures but if you fall into the average human category, you’d most likely prefer cotton. As cotton is the most breathable fabric, it will be suitable for hot and humid regions as is usually the case with India. Also, cotton is sensitive-skin-friendly. A good quality pure cotton bedsheet can be easily distinguished from others just by the touch of it. These have long-staple fibers that feel luxurious and are more durable. All the factors that shall contribute to your comfortable sleep.

    The Pillow

    When talking about bedsheets, equally important are the pillows and pillow covers. There are certain people who have spinal/ back problems and they must follow their physician’s recommendation on pillow usage. It can be hard, soft, or none. But for those who do not have any medical conditions, can simply choose pillows based on their sleeping positions. Say, if you’re a side-sleeper, a hard or firm pillow would better do the job as you need to fill the space between your neck and shoulders for proper alignment. Whereas if you happen to be the rare yoga loving people who prefer sleeping straight on their back, a very soft pillow would be ideal.

    For more details on buying bedsheets online, you might want to check this quick guide — Portico Bedsheet Guide

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