Games Like Harvest Moon [Updated List]

    Video games are fun and frustrating, too. Video games take you on a journey of some other realm and detoxify your mind for a while. Video games also increase the speed and efficiency of the overall decision-making process. Many games are popular with their respective user of the same genre. One such game is Harvest Moon. Fortunately, only a few games like Harvest Moon are available to allow you to refresh yourself.

    Whenever you think of Harvest Moon, then you may run a lovely small garden, visit your neighbors and enjoy the gentle rhythm of life in a small town. Harvest Moon has always allowed players to take it at their speed, like many farming sims, and create their view of a perfect field. Every element in Harvest Moon serves a respective purpose despite lacking all the blood and gore from the storyline.

    Some players aren’t inclined to entertain with action and adventure. This is one of the reasons why literary books and a slice of life are so popular. Often people try to slip into someone else’s lives without being burdened by a swash. Games like Harvest Moon provide gamers with a tradition of low stakes while keeping them engaged in gameplay.

    It’s not shocking that since its release in 1996, Harvest Moon has been cultivating millions of fans. While not the first outing, the genre-defining fans of games with a relaxing, low-level, and atmospheric play are considered.

    Due to the legal battle of publishers, the original Harvest Moon had to be renamed as the story of seasons. The game is still around but after getting rebranded, many players complained that it lost its original charm. So, the rebranding served as a downfall for this popular game. But there are many games like Harvest Moon that players can try if they are missing the original Harvest Moon and the vibe that it resonated.

    Top Games Like Harvest Moon

    In this article, we will be discussing various games like Harvest Moon. So, if you are missing the original gameplay of Harvest Moon, then go through this list and fulfill your quench of thirst for Harvest Moon:

    • Stardew Valley: Topping The List Of Harvest Moon Like Games

    Publishers: ConcernedApe, Chucklefish

    Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, & Android

    Nearly four years after the launch of Stardew Valley, many people who are looking for a balanced farming game still top the list. It will certainly remain preferred for several more years with the new Stardew Valley 1.4 update introducing even more polish and functionality. Stardew Valley is about hosting your late grandfather’s family farm and heading to Pelican Town’s tiny country village.

    You will spend your seasons planning a successful activity on your farm, making friends (and even spouses) with residents, and exploring the town with the aid of Junimos, the mysterious little creatures. Stardew is a lifetime simulator like Sim City and it tops the list because of its availability on various platforms. This is one of the best Harvest Moon like games on Steam getting a rating of perfect 10/10. 

    A lot of farming simulators are present on Android and they did a pretty good job in resonating the actual vibes produced by farming. But either they fail in good graphics, great gameplay, or nice storytelling. This is why Stardew Valley tops the list of Android games like Harvest Moon. 

    • My Time At Portia: One Of The Most Exciting PC Games Like Harvest Moon

    Publishers: Team17

    Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch

    My Portia Time isn’t a farming game exclusively. Rather, it draws primarily from the art genre of gaming. His tale of the hosting of a workshop in a small city is nevertheless quite similar to many other city sim games on the list. Portia’s tiny island is home to a variety of strange characters who will make you friends, and – if you are blessed – even marry while you restore and extend your father’s workshop. My time at Portia is available on PS4 as well. So, there’s no denial in saying that it is one of the most exciting games like Harvest Moon for PS4.

    Finally, at your workshop, you will grow garden plots while agriculture is not your main priority. Oh, and over the land of the new local farmer is your front yard, so you can hop on the fence if you miss the large-scale planting. This is one of the best Steam games like Harvest Moon having an exclusive rating of 9/10.

    • Kynseed: One Of The Best Games Like Harvest Moon On Steam

    Publishers: PixelCount Studios

    Available On: PC

    The first game of Kynseed is by a group of former developers of the Fable franchise. Steam uploaded this game on its Early Access a few years back. The thick pixel art and the big universe to discover offer it a distinct atmosphere from any other PC games like Harvest Moon

    Kynseed is one of the games like Harvest Moon that revolves around planting crops, befriending townsfolk, and exploring the world. This is one of the best-dedicated farming games for PC like Harvest Moon.

    • Farmer’s Dynasty: Placed Among The Top Harvest Moon Like Games

    Publishers: Toplitz Productions, Bigben Interactive, Nacon

    Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch

    Farmer’s Dynasty is another name in the list of Steam games like Harvest Moon. However, Farmer’s Dynasty focuses more than the company Farming Simulator series on searches and relationships with the players, as with the more stylized 2D games on this list. You will share time between your farm, create tasks by hand, and support fellow municipalities. 

    Farmers’ dynasty allows players to select between old farm machines and more sophisticated options so that simulation-focused farmers are less practical. Rather, it’s a little more to dabble in less deep market issues in rural life. Around two years before its final release on 21 November 2019, the Farmer’s Dynasty had been in Steam Early Access, making it one of the best games like Harvest Moon on Steam.

    • Staxel: Harvest Moon Like Games On Steam

    Publishers: Humble Bundle, Humble Games

    Available On: PC, SteamOS

    Staxel seems to be a vibrant Minecraft clone at first sight. Rather, it’s a combination of the blocky form of Minecraft and casual farming of Stardew Valley, which is not battled. It has fewer and less demanding structures than other farm-type games with a larger range of activities.

    It functions in bug-catching, fishing, and NPC ties without too much. Staxel is a multiplayer game designed to play with your friends to take you away from your boredom. This is one of the best online games like Harvest Moon having a rating of 9/10 on Steam.

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    • Farming Simulator 19: One Of The Games Like Harvest Moon With Great Graphics

    Publishers: GIANTS Software, Focus Home Interactive

    Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Google Stadia

    The agricultural simulator is a practical agricultural simulation and is the perfect way to approach the business side of agriculture for players. When you settle about what tools to purchase, what animals to buy, and how much fertilizer you need for the season, you spend the time planning your balance sheet for the year. 

    You can operate the services, recruit workers to assist, or enlist buddies with up to 16 player farms. Farming Simulator 19 is the first in the series, with several different brands, to provide actual equipment for those who know and love farm equipment. This is certainly one of the best farming games for PC like Harvest Moon.

    • Minecraft: Expanding The List Of Most Famous Online Games Like Harvest Moon

    Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft Studios, Mojang Studios

    Available On: PC, OS X, Linux

    Minecraft, though mainly a game of craft and discovery, has continued to extend its years of changes to the crops and to use them. You cannot devote all of your time to Minecraft building and tending to an expansive farming company if you don’t care too much about the adventure.

    You will spend hours designing your perfect Minecraft farm whether you are planting and harvesting anything in Vanilla Minecraft, downloading a bunch of Minecraft mods to augment the crops and animals, or learn a lot about Redstone equipment to build a partially automated sector. This is an ultimate listing in name of games like Harvest Moon.

    • Verdant Skies: One Of The Best PC Games Like Harvest Moon

    Publishers: Howling Moon Software

    Available On: PC, Linux, macOS

    Verdant Skies is another form of the game for agriculture. Your protagonist is the newest member of a modern space colony rather than relocate to a small area. Through seeking out and developing tools on the surface to entice new people to join the colony, you continue to grow and boost the ability of the colonies. 

    Verdant Skies helps you, as well as other games on the list, to marry colonists mates, finally. However, the most fascinating aspect is that you are directly interested in producing new crop forms. Finally, the success of your farm is less about its scale and more about its usefulness and creativity, so if you like harvest moon like games, you can try it.

    • Harvest Moon Light Of Hope: Major Listing In Android Games Like Harvest Moon

    Publishers: Natsume Inc., Rising Star Games

    Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, & Android

    Harvest Moon: Hope Light is the first of the long-standing PC series. This is a formula known as a newcomer to a founding town by those who have done a simulation of other farming towns and are in a position to inject life back into the city by managing a prosperous farm and making friends. 

    You have to restore the lighthouse after getting shipwrecked and stuck in a coastal town. While Light of Hope was not as welcome as Stardew’s Valley, it still has the same appeal as the Harvest Moon games and blends farming and social life. If you have a console, then it is a great alternative to games like Harvest Moon for PS4.

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    • Doraemon Story Of Seasons: Cutest One Complementing The List Of Games Like Harvest Moon

    Publishers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.,

    Available On: PC, PS4, & Nintendo Switch

    The Doraemon Tale of Seasons incorporates, in an unlikely mix, a classical farming series never published on a PC with a famous Manga character since the 1970s. Doraemon introduces a certain amount of Japanese culture into the genre that even other games like Harvest Moon series in Japan leave rural variants for more Western emotions.

    Doraemon plants vegetables, rearing animals, and helps out with villagers, and engaging in local festivals in the town of Natura. The Story of Seasons is a cute listing to complete our list of games like Harvest Moon.

    Wrapping Up

    Often you get bored by a game and need a new package or game to update your game style. Oh, you’re good, because we’ve got you covered from head to toe if you’re hunting for games like Harvest Moon. We hope this article helps you in your search for games like Harvest Moon and favors you big time. Agriculture, commerce, and development are the main components of Harvest Moon and it has a unique way to reach its players.

    Few games enlisted in this article focus on multiplayer gaming online in which many players will visit the island of one person and it is another crucial distinction between these games and Harvest Moon. Frankly, every game on this list is one inch closer to Harvest Moon. Download one of these games for getting an immersive experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of game is Harvest Moon?

    Harvest Moon is a farm simulation role-playing game developed by Amccus for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

    Will there be another Harvest Moon game?

    Harvest Moon s all set to release a new world on March 2, 2021, and it will be available on Nintendo Switch.

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