Five tips to protect asthma in older patients

    Asthma is a chronic disease in which the airways become constricted resulting in difficulty while breathing. Inflammation occurs inside the airways making them swollen. Although it was first believed that asthma was the disease of the youths, later researchers have carried on extensive research only to conclude that asthma could barely restrict itself as the disease of the youth. Older people, like younger people too, can get affected by asthma. Since any kind of disease become more threatening when the person suffering from the disease is at the autumnal stage, asthma can strike the older people as vehemently as it does in the case of a younger people. Asthma, too, like any other disease, is no exception.

    Older people along with the caregiver whether a family member or nurse, must treat asthma with extra importance than a younger patient to avoid any unlikely situation arriving from an unexpected asthma attack. Along with being extra alert, doctors, both in the case of younger as well as older people, prefer asthma treatment with Asthalin inhaler.

    Here are five tips that would help to protect asthma in older patients:-

    1. Use the medication as prescribed- the first step in dealing with asthma in older people involves the regular intake of medicine. Asthma medicine should not be stopped without the prior advice of a professional medical practitioner. It must be taken care of that an asthma patient must not stop the medicine even if he/ she is feeling better. Dosage too, should not be altered without consulting a doctor. With the advancement of age, people tend to develop many other major diseases like diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, to mention few. These major diseases are also responsible for causing asthma. So, if a patient has any of the above-mentioned diseases, he/ she must take medicines prescribed for those diseases on time. No dosage of medicine should be skipped or altered. As prescribed by doctors, always carry out asthma treatment with Ketosteril.
    2. Don’t ignore symptoms– no symptom must get ignored. Older people tend to ignore symptoms shown at an early stage which results in worsening of asthma. A running nose or slight extra difficulty faced while breathing must not get ignored.
    3. Avoid exposure to triggers– another prime factor to keep in mind to treat asthma is that, patients must not get exposed to triggers at any cost. Avoid getting exposed to smoke and dust. Make sure that the patient does not come in contact with pollen grains, insects like cockroaches, mites, and so on. Asthma is caused by allergens as well. It is necessary to know the particular allergens to which a person is allergic. Get a medical test to find out and avoid getting exposed to them. Follow a few basic tips like-
    • close windows while driving
    • avoid allergic food
    • quit smoking
    • allergy proof the house at regular interval
    • keep house clean
    • Check on daily activity– patients of asthma sufferers must check on the daily activity they carry out. Older people must refrain from indulging in any kind of strenuous activity that might cause a problem in breathing. Such activity includes carrying heavy items, doing an extensive workout, cycling any over exhausting work. However, this must be kept in mind that avoiding strenuous activity does not mean staying inactive. Most older people generally grow the tendency of staying inactive. This must be taken care of. Not exercising at all is not suggested. A little dose of yoga is extremely useful in dealing with asthma.
    • Monitor breathing and keep a note– to get a prior warning it is necessary to keep a track record. Keep a record of your symptoms, especially, breathing. If a slight change in record is observed it must be considered as a warning sign. Along with this, if any of these below-mentioned flare-ups are seen, consult a doctor immediately-
    • difficulty while speaking or even walking
    • cold that is staying f  or a week or more
    • gasping
    • lips turning blue

    Asthma can be kept under control if the proper measure is taken at the proper time. Doctors and experts all over have preferred asthma treatment with Asthalin inhaler. Although it is almost impossible to get rid of asthma, one can keep symptoms under control. Always be prepared for an emergency and keep emergency medications at reach.

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