Five most common objections to SEO and how can you respond to them

    You might be aware of the several benefits of SEO. Many website owners apply on-page and off-page SEO tactics to increase the visibility of their website. Some website owners who do not have enough technical knowledge also hire SEO consultants who help them in following best and effective SEO strategies. The advantages of SEO are known to all of us, but do you know that SEO practices have a few drawbacks and objections as well. Many website owners hesitate to hire an SEO IT consultant because of the same reason. 

    This blog post outlines the five common objections to SEO and how you can respond to them with proper research and skilled response. We all know that SEO can increase the ranking of any website, and various SEO service providers can help website owners generate more traffic to their sites. Here we have not mentioned the complete list of SEO objections; instead, we have mentioned the most common ones. You may experience other complaints as well. 

    Objection 1- Other channels offer more organic presence

    The most common complaint about SEO is that other channels help the website owners drive more traffic to the website. 

    You need to know that if you want to be successful, then you would have to invest your time and money. In other channels, you are spending a lot of money, time, and efforts of yours. Success follows investment. You are investing in such channels, and that’s why they bring more organic presence. 

    You also need to know that every channel is unique and has an individual purpose. To apply organic SEO, tactics are not so complicated and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. 

    Objection-2 – SEO doesn’t drive the traffic of the appropriate type

    Another popular complaint about SEO is that if you apply SEO techniques on your website, you will not always get the traffic of the right type. But you need to know that if organic is bringing the traffic, it doesn’t always mean that the traffic is not of the correct type. Most often, people are also confused about what they want from a website. 

    If you want the audience to buy from you, then you need to know that assistance is equally important. Assistant plays a vital role in conversion and purchases. If your website is easily understood and provides support, then you will get a large number of visitors to your site. 

    Objection-3 – SEO takes time 

    It is also a common objection and is valid to some extent because SEO takes time to show results. If you apply SEO techniques to your website, then it will take time and require patience to show results. Most people want an instant growth hack, but SEO can’t provide that. 

    SEO is a methodology, and if you want SEO techniques to work for you, then you must have to spend a lot of time and work hard. But the results that SEO brings after all the hard work is worth it. There are no short term tips and tricks for success, and if you want your website to grow, then you should stick to on-page and off-page SEO tactics. 

    Objection-4 – SERPs consist of many ads that make SEO ineffective

    Another common objective of SEO is that SERPs are filled with ads. You need to understand that people seek more knowledge before deciding to buy anything.

    And also, you need to understand that 60% of people, when they see ads, they do not know that it’s an ad. Many searchers don’t worry about ads; they are just seeking information. If your content is valuable, then they wouldn’t care about the number of ads. People also like to do a lot of research before buying something, and if your website has enough information, then they will keep visiting your site. 

    Moreover, you must know that if you use SEO and PPC, then the duo will perform better, and your website will get enough traffic. 

    Objection-5 – Can’t calculate the ROI

    The fifth most common objection about SEO is that people complain that they can’t measure the ROI. People want to prove that what they are doing is beneficial in terms of revenue. However, SEO doesn’t allow them to calculate the ROI. But this must not be a reason for disappointment because they can still estimate their goals and can use tools like Google Analytics to calculate other information and the number of visitors. 


    So, these are the most common objections to SEO. There may be a few other complaints as well, but these objections are not so annoying and can easily be fixed as mentioned above. SEO is an excellent way to drive traffic to a website and generate reviews. If you are aware of other objections and solutions, do let us know. 

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