Factors to Consider When Buying Custom Organic Mattress for Your RV


Buying a mattress for your RV is a piece of cake if you know the right things to look for. Here are some pointers that can help you buy the perfect mattress for your RV.


This is the most important of all the factors for an RV mattress. The most common size is Short Queen. However, if you are creating a DIY RV then the size can differ.

Mattress Thickness:

Before choosing the thickness of the mattress ensure if there are any height restrictions between the RV ceiling and the mattress frame.


There are three most common raw materials used for making RV mattresses. These are foam, memory foam, and natural, synthetic, or blend latex. Each come with their own advantages. So, research properly before choosing one.


Do you like your mattress firm, medium-firm, or hard? Choose one of the options depending on your preference.

Infographics Source: https://www.organicsleepsystems.com


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