Diwali Superstitions Which Every Indian Must Know

    India is a country with diversity known worldwide. People from all walks of life come together to celebrate different festivals with utmost uniformity and brotherhood. This is what makes every festival of the nation super special. One such super special festival of India is Diwali. Yes, Diwali is not just a festival; rather, it is an emotion that reminds people of the uniqueness of the diverse culture of the nation. Now, a nation like India where there are a number of festivals of different religions are celebrated, there comes a number of superstitions with it. So, from getting Diwali gifts for loved ones and decorating your home is not everything you must be focusing on. You should also be aware of these superstitions that revolve around Diwali. Well, superstitions are something that is highly believed by the people of India. These are further passed on by the generation to the following generations, and that is how they have been strongly rooted in our culture. So, here we are discussing some of these superstitions which you may or may not believe, but you should definitely acknowledge them in order not to offend people around you who believe in these superstitions. So, let’s get started! 

    • Sprucing Up Home Hygiene:

    This is the most believed superstition which almost every Indian believes in. Yes, in every household, people start cleaning up a month prior to the festival. People clean, decorate, and get new buys for their homes. People decorate their homes with lights and rangolis and light up every corner of their house with candles and diyas. The reason behind doing this is that on the auspicious festival of Diwali, Goddess Laxmi enters every household. In order to woo the goddess, people clean up their houses and decorate them using lights, candles, diyas, and flowers. It is believed that if goddess Laxmi is impressed by these, she blesses the people residing in that house with good fortune and wealth. 

    • Gambling:

    Though we all know that gambling is not a righteous thing to practice yet it is believed that gambling on the night of Diwali brings prosperity and good fortune in the lives of people. Furthermore, people once start gambling, do not come out of this habit. People also consume alcohol while gambling, which is severely censured in our culture. This is one such superstition around Diwali that not just breaks a family peace but also downgrades the purity of the festival. 

    • Visiting Temples:

    Again, it is the greed that makes a human inhuman. People stop worshipping god out of devotion; rather, it becomes a more greedy deal. People who never lit candles at their homes started visiting temples at the time of Diwali. This again has the propaganda of bringing prosperity and good wealth at home. People from different corners of India start gathering in huge numbers in front of these temples. This not so selfless act of people is a sure shot demeaning of such an auspicious festival of India. 

    • Chirags:

    Well, this superstition is majorly believed by the ladies and girls. A number of chirags are lightened and are made afloat on the holy river the Ganges. It is believed when a woman lights a chirags, and it happens to reach the other side of the river then, it is a good sign, and the wish of the lady comes out to be true sooner or later. 

    • Departure of Goddess Laxmi:

    Well, this superstition is believed to be performed by the eldest women in any household. This concept is also known as driving out alakshmi. Alakshi is a term that signifies poverty, bad luck, and misfortune. So, it is believed that it is really important to drag the alakshmi out from the home to enhance the prosperity and welcome wealth and good fortune. People spread happiness by means of online diwali gifts for employees searching and also by sharing lip smacking sweets and treats among the loved ones. 

    So, these are some basic and widely believed superstitions that every Indian must know. Acknowledge them and try not to hurt someone’s sentiments by your acts and actions. Diwali is a festival of love and positivity so, let’s spread as much as we can to enhance the beauty of this festival.

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