Different Types of Bridal Necklaces

    Shopping for jewelry sometimes such as Bridal Necklaces can be tiring as there are thousands of different designs and pieces of jewelry available. And especially when it comes to buying bridal jewelry it becomes very hectic and confusing. 

    You saw and loved a bridal necklace at a wedding and want something similar for your wedding, but don’t know what it is called, congratulations, the below list of different types of necklaces will clear all your doubts and help you find the best bridal necklace that will give you the bridal look that you have been dreaming for. 

    The different types of bridal necklace styles are as follows:

    Rani Haar Bridal Necklaces

    It is also known as the necklace of the queen. As the name suggests these are the necklaces that have a very royal and classic look. They are either single or multi-stringed and long enough to the extent that it reaches your belly. 

    These types of long necklaces studded with precious stones were worn by the queens and royal people in ancient times. 

    It is the long length that gives it the royal look. Rani haar has been one of the most popular bridal necklaces for a very long time. It looks perfect when layered with another necklace like a choker necklace. If you are wearing a plain blouse or dress, the rani haar stands out against the plain backdrop.

    Satlada Bridal Necklaces

    Satlada is a very unique type of bridal necklace. It looks like rani haar due to its long length. What makes Satlada unique and different from rani haar is the 7 layers of pearls or gems woven or attached together.  

    Satlada necklace has become really popular since alot of famous bridal designers started dressing their models in it for fashion shows and magazine covers. 

    Due to the seven layers, it covers most of the frontal look, and even though you are wearing one necklace, it appears like you are wearing many pieces. Just like a Rani haar this type of necklace also looks great with plain blouses with low necklines. 

    If the Satlada is going a little off-budget, then you can go for the smaller version osSatlada.  Satlada with 5 layers is called Panchlada and with three layers is called Teenlada.


    Navratana necklace is one of the most attractive looking necklaces. It is a very colorful necklace that has nine different types of gems. 

    It consists of the quintessential protection gemstones that bring prosperity and good luck. This makes it the perfect option for a bridal necklace. A Navratna necklace usually consists of Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye, and Hessonite.

    It looks best when combined with earrings and rings crafted with the same color combination of gems. Rings with Navrtana gemstones are one of the most beautiful and unique engagement rings

    Navratna necklace looks best with a monotone outfit and lighter colors like beige, peach, or light purple. 

    Choker Bridal Necklaces

    The choker style necklace design has become quite famous in the western world for the past 2 years. With its increasing popularity, more and more Indian brides are opting for a choker necklace on their wedding day.

    A choker is a close and tight-fitting necklace that sits on your neck. They cover your entire neck and are usually made up of gold or platinum. They are commonly combined with sequins, studs, or a pendant.

    Chokers look perfect with low or v- neck neckline or strapless blouses. Choker necklace combined with other necklaces looks great with both Indo western and lehengas. A choker studded with pearls or emeralds is a great option for every function.


    Gulbandh is the most basic and commonly used style of necklaces. It is also known as the Princess style necklace. It looks similar to a choker necklace, but it sits just below the collarbone and comes in different lengths. 

    Mostly made out of gold, the Gulband necklace can be combined with any stone of your choice. It looks best with close and round neck blouses especially if the necklace convicts of colored gems. 

    Bib necklace Bridal Necklaces

    A bib necklace is a vintage style of necklace with a broad front section and hangs low enough that covers part of the chest. It is called a bib necklace because it is shaped similar to a baby’s bib.

    Bib necklaces are typically large in size and are studded with different types of gemstones.  This beautiful necklace with crescent hangings are one of the most beautiful looking necklaces.

    It look perfect with both high and low necklines. It is usually combined with dark-colored clothes with heavy work. Avoid wearing big earrings with a bib necklace. 

    Above are the few best designs of the bridal necklace. Select the one that goes perfectly well with your look and attire. 

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