Difference Between Web Design And Web Development To Know

    To make our careers we choose different kinds of field such as blogging, business, and content writing and so on. Today, most of us know about the blogging and its benefits. From the blogging, we get to know lot of information about a particular topic which we do not have a clear idea. It works as a tutorial way to gain some information. In the past days, we get the things to know from newspaper or magazines. Now it becomes easier to have all the information if you have a phone and internet connection.

    We generally read about a subject on Google from various website that posted the answer of you questions and those are known to us as websites. These websites have various parts to be maintained. For the websites, there are so many people, who are working on different sides like web design, web developer, graphic design, social media handles, content making and so on.

    All these works make a website well established if things go smoothly and successfully and even with the help of the traffic for that site. Traffic means the visitors who everyday visits a website to see articles or to get some information.

    What Is Web Design And Web Development?

    Now I will discuss with all of you about what is web development and web design in briefly. Let us have a quick look on this topic without wasting much of the time.

    Web Design

    A web designer must give priority to the client’s objective first. After hearing, what the client want from you and what changes and design, he or she wants to include; in their website, you have to work accordingly like that. Later on, the designer has to work for informational architecture and then move on to designing part of the website, before that he or she has to create wireframes.

    There are some principals in web design, which a designer should follow. These principals are

    Balance Colored

    For the design of the website, we should always use light colors instead of blood colors. It is one of the main works for a web designer to create a balance layout. Therefore, that the visitors like the theme of the color combination and other works. Thus, one has to use the colors in correct order to draw the attention of the readers.


    Another most important thing that a web designer has to do is emphasis on the important thing or points of the website. From that, the visitors or traffic can see those things directly or you have to draw the attention of the visitors by emphasizing the things that you want the readers read with the help of web designer.


    The more consistency will be there on you website the more traffic you will get. Therefore, the designer has to make the consistency with the help of other things to make it powerful.


    After the color selected for the website, you must have to give focus on the contrast also, it should be matched with the color.

    Web development

    After the designing part of the website, the owner should give his or her focus on developing part of the website. Thus, they must seek the help of a web developer to web development. There are so many things that they have to do to fully develop the website and gain the attention of the traffic so the they visit the site on regular basis and took interest to read all the things on your website.

    By developing also, mean that people can join with your company or with your site for a partnership. From the partnership, both of you will be benefited. Both of you can exchange some visitors with one another by guest posting on each site. From this, the readers will get to know both of the sites and read all the articles there even the relatable articles.

    Without a developed site, it is hard for a blogger to increase the traffic on the site. Even rank the articles on the Google front page. After all if your website will be on the first page on the Google or any other search engine, people get the chance to know about your site and how quality contents you make in your site with full of information.

    Difference Between This Two Web Design And Development

    As I earlier said the thing that both are equally important for a website. Without one of them, you cannot get the success. Even the visitors will not show their interest to read your website’s contents and other things. If both the things are, equally have on the site then the day is not so far, when you will get many visitors on your site and you will bring a long time success for your website.

     Thus, each of the web design and web development is essential for a website.


    Therefore, here I mentioned a little detail about both of the two. You can also get more information from internet and increase your knowledge from them. One can also build career on these two things for a bright future.

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