Common Ultherapy Myths – Debunked!

    With ultherapy, the patients can achieve a more youthful look without getting any cuts, injections, or stitches. It is the non-surgical substitute for a facelift that utilizes ultrasound energy deep into the skin’s layers. The procedure stimulates collagen production that leads to natural skin-lifting. It is quite understandable why ultherapy has become such a popular aesthetic procedure all over the world. It happens to be the only non-invasive procedure that has been cleared by the US FDA for natural lifting up of the face, on the brow, and under the chin.

    Like anything else, many false notions and misconceptions surround the procedure. If you are thinking of getting ultherapy in Dubai, you should know enough to differentiate between facts and fiction.

    Let’s talk about some of the most common misconceptions about this procedure:

    Myth # 1: Ultherapy Is Very Painful

    A bit uncomfortable at times, but you cannot call it painful. You are going to feel tiny amounts of energy sensations during the treatment. But this part is normal. Also, it does not cause any discomfort. Having said that, the recipient is going to experience these when the energy is delivered on the skin’s surface.

    Every patient has different comfort levels and pain thresholds. If you are someone with low pain tolerance, safe painkillers, or topical numbing creams can be used before the procedure. Also, using local anesthesia can be beneficial in reducing any discomfort.

    Myth # 2: Ultherapy is an RF (Radiofrequency) Treatment

    This is not true. For the skin tightening procedure, ultherapy uses ultrasound energy not radiofrequency. The hand-held device delivers time-tested ultrasound energy into the layer of skin that we target during the surgery. This triggers the natural response of collagen production. Moreover, this procedure also uses ultrasound imaging, so the doctors can see the area they are treating, and the energy is directed towards the area where it will yield the best results.

    Myth # 3: The Results Aren’t Long-lasting

    This isn’t true either. The treatment results are natural-looking and occur gradually. You would see results as soon as two weeks after treatment. You would be seeing significant changes after 3-6 months. Some people opt for a touch-up procedure after a year or 2 as usually, the results last for two years. The natural aging process of the skin determines all long you are going to be seeing the results. Also, touch-up treatments are advised so you can maintain your youthfulness of the skin as you age.

    If you want, you can get ultherapy from a cosmetic clinic in Dubai as an annual treatment for putting more collagen in your skin.

    Myth # 4: Both the Procedure is Long Procedure with a Long Downtime

    As far as the duration of the treatment is concerned, it depends on the treatment areas. The session can last between 30 and 120 minutes. A standard face and neck and treatment takes about 60 to 90 minutes. And 30 to 40 minutes are required for chest procedure.

    Since the procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime. Also, one might feel a slight redness on the skin, but that is for a few hours only. It will eventually subside. You can go back to your normal activities after the procedure.

    Myth # 5: Ultherapy is Like a Facelift

    Although ultherapy indeed treats the skin layers that the surgical facelift addresses, it cannot replace a facelift procedure or mimic its results even. Therapy is a sound option for those who don’t want to get a surgery yet or have the phobia of getting under the knife. So, ultherapy is not like a facelift. Also, you can extend the effects of cosmetic surgery with the help of ultherapy.

    Is It Right For You?

    Those who have mild to moderate skin laxity can benefit from ultherapy. You can also get this procedure done if you feel that your skin is looking or feeling saggy. Ultherapy effectively caters to all loose skin issues.Contact Nova Clinic today and consult with our experienced and skilled aesthetic doctor and plastic surgeon in Dubai. If you want to learn about any cosmetic surgery or non-invasive methods to boost the appearance, they can give you expert advice. Also, you can learn a lot more about ultherapy and other non-invasive procedures for skin tightening and fight signs of skin aging.

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