Buy CSGO Prime Account And Unleash The Power

Buy CSGO Prime Account And Unleash The Power

For the lovers of gaming, nothing beats the popularity of the all-time classic Counter: Strike. This multiplayer first-person shooter game is about two teams competing against each other for the final victory. A shooting game, where you have the terrorist group and the counter-terrorist group that goes about in a knock-out rampage of killing hostages and saving them respectively. The game is quite basic, but it does have a few aspects that have been an ‘upgrade’ from the time of its launch.

With the growing popularity in recent years, the developers of the game, Valve, have put together various upgrades that are designed to make the game all the more exciting. It is for these latest upgrades and new aspects that you should buy CSGO prime accounts. Let us find out more.

What Makes Prime So Popular?

Most often, while the going gets good, there are times when a perfectly nice game is spoilt by cheaters, bots or hackers. It can get annoying for a dedicated player who has been trying to ‘get there’ and reach the desired rank. This is where the Prime accounts come into play. The reason why players are opting for more and more csgo cheap prime accounts is that it allows you an undisruptive duration of ‘clean-pay’ where you are pitted against the other serious players. You no longer need to suffer from distractions caused by ‘unwanted’ sources or hackers and cheaters when you become a Prime member. The best part is that the Prime account is free and does not demand much from you to activate. The benefits are plenty and the game gets better. Here is how it works.

How Does Prime Work?

If you have been a dedicated CSGO fan and love all that the game offers, there is a lot more to expect when you get all ‘Primed-up’. This means more fun, authentic players, and endless game time. So with a few basic steps, you can buy CSGO prime accounts and get all the thrill coming your way:

  • The foremost step is to validate your number and try and achieve the level 21. This is also known as the Lieutenant level which allows you to earn the EXP. Through this, now you are eligible to compete against any matchmade games at the CSGO. The trick is to keep playing until you have reached this point. This step has been ‘crafted’ by the makers to ensure that the player who acquires this position is an authentic player and not a bot. This is what makes the other Prime members good to compete with. The involvement of seasoned players with a game-time of experience in CSGO, there is nothing better than a ‘good battle’ of excitement.
  • While acquiring Level 21 is one of the methods to go Prime, there are also other methods to do that. While you can easily buy CSGO prime accountsyou can also do that through the Service Medal. It is also done through enough game time at the CSGO. This earns the player the ‘X years of service’ medal. There are times when you can also get commended for acquiring the same through in-game events. However, one aspect remains the same through any route and that is to prove that you are a legit player with plenty of experience in the game.
  • Once you earn the eligibility, you simply need to click on the ‘Details’ tab located on top of your profile screen. An ‘upgrade’ pop-up appears and you simply have to click on this to get to the Prime membership.
  • The final step is where you link your phone number and you are done. Now, you simply need to sit back and enjoy endless game time shooting the ‘bad guys’.

How To Buy CSGO Prime Account

In case for some reason you are unable to link to a Prime account, you can also simply buy CSGO accounts from a reputable website. There are plenty of websites out there that allow the purchase of cheap CSGO Prime accounts to players. Here, you can avail the best possible reports for CSGO at lower rates and protect yourself from buying CSGO hacks altogether. Many authentic websites allow players to purchase a Prime account at reasonable rates with instant deliveries. Once you are there, you will be eligible for unadulterated combat sessions with other players of the same caliber and that is definitely not a bot.


Is it possible to play CS:GO for free?

Yes, you can play CS:GO for free. You can sit on your highly comfortable gaming chair and enjoy the game for hours without paying anything. However, if you want to stay protected from cheaters, we would suggest you get a prime account.

What to do if I am unable to open console CS:GO?

Find the entry, “Enable Developer Console” and change it to ‘Yes’. You can now open the console.

Will I see CS:GO skins wearing over time?

No, CS:GO skins don’t wear over time. On buying a factory new skin, it will stay factory new forever.

Will my rank get affected by getting kicked in CS:GO?

Yes, it may affect your CS:GO rank. Getting kicked too often can be a reason behind that sudden fall in your CS:GO rank.

How do the CS:GO ranks work?

As per the general rules, you need to win 10 placement matches to earn your first rank. The daily limit of matches is 2. Depending on your performance in the game, your CS:GO rank will be adjusted at the end of every match. You will be assigned a higher or lower Skill Group. Keep playing and winning matches to improve your rank.


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